Testimonials for Caroline Sutherland

"I have more energy and my body feels more comfortable. I am happier and more optimistic. Thanks Caroline - I really feel so much better because of your work."
~ K. Patrick M.D.
Richmond VA

"Caroline Sutherland has introduced me to a healthy way of living that I had not dreamed of being possible. Her suggestions have significantly helped my family. My son is breathing better and my brother has lost 20 pounds. Her teachings show that destructive habits can be identified and changed, opening the door to the miracle-working power of the physical body."
~ Avtar Bassin M.D.
Sun City Arizona

Caroline's program has changed my life. I began to revise my old eating habits right away. It has not been easy. Mostly I have discovered over these many months of yo-yo-ing, that I truly have been addicted to sugar. And I am convinced now. Thank heavens for Caroline's strong advice or I may not have been convinced. But her love, sincerity, and strong desire spoke deeply to my heart that I couldn't erase the new information she was pouring in for my own sake.
Caroline is an angel sent to me after so many years of prayers about my compulsive eating disorder. I thank her from the bottom of my heart."
~ Shannon Peck
Los Angeles, CA

Personally, I can say that Caroline's personality and her knowledge makes her a joy to be around and she is an excellent teacher. She is a radiant spirit with much to offer. Caroline Sutherland has been a columnist in the Hedra News paper of Idaho for almost 3 years now. HedraNews is a Complementary/Alternative newspaper and our readers have benefited greatly from her "The Body Knows" column.
~ Debbie Dalrymple
Owner of HedraNews Nampa, ID

"I sleep like a baby with the "Letting Go of the Past and Moving Forward" CD. I have used it for years, it really helps me sleep. I recommend it to all my friends."
~ Jill Kahn
Murrieta, California

Caroline, you are an exceptionally gifted, wonderful soul - those who cross your path are exceedingly fortunate."
~ Doris Rapp, M.D.

I have lost 100 pounds on my weight loss program. Nothing can compare to how good I feel and my sense of accomplishment."
~ Pat Spindler

Windsor, Ontario

"Blessings Caroline! O my - talk about the messenger coming at the right time. I was at ground zero - body and healthwise. I am spiritually and emotionally very aware of my soul's purpose but I had no engery to live it. I started my program right after the assessment seminar, and have lost 6 lbs already. I feel a LOT better! Thank-you."
~ June Ireland
Seattle Washington

"Caroline Sutherland, through her amazing gift of spirit, has enriched the lives of so many and has blazed a trail for "body-mind-soul medicine" and for health professionals, like myself. Caroline’s work shows us that although the body is the temple and must be treated with respect, it is merely the messenger of the soul. Bless you, Caroline, for all that you do."
~ Crystal Andrus
Best-selling author of Simply…Woman! and Transcendent Beauty

 "I have dieted for 42 years and almost gave up in despair until a friend gave me Caroline Sutherland’s book, The Body Knows Diet – Cracking the Weight Loss Code. To date, I have lost 125 pounds and finally I am liberated from the uncontrollable cravings that have ruled my life."
~ Mimi Losier
St. Catharines Ontario

"My son continues to experience an extraordinary healing. The eczema that plagued his entire body and his 'chronic failure to thrive' are now just memories of the past. To my family, Caroline is none less than an angel sent by divine intervention to deliver our son back to us."
~ Sean Collins
Glendale Arizona

"Fatigue, severe headaches, weight gain, mental confusion, joint pain and depression had plagued me for the past four years. I was at the lowest point of my life! Before I met Caroline and followed her suggestions, I couldn’t walk up the stairs to my bedroom without suffering severed joint pain. Now after only 2 months, I have just returned from hiking in Arizona."
~ Barbara Paxton
Marina Del Rey, CA

"I have lost 50 pounds on Caroline Sutherland’s program. I walk 2 ½ miles a day, and my doctor says that my blood sugar, cholesterol and heart function are "beyond perfect." Caroline, thank-you so much!"
~ Cheryl Beckman
Warren Michigan

‘Thank-you so very much for the dynamic radio interview you gave us. It was so exciting to have every line filled with callers as they responded to your work. As a talk show host, I must admit that today was one of our best programs."
~ Victoria Bowman DHM, PhD
KFNX Radio Phoenix Arizona

"I attended one of Caroline’s seminars last year. It drew people from all over the country. Her wealth of knowledge was amazing. Her program has positively affected my whole family - my husband has gone down 3 pant sizes and as an added bonus, he no longer snores!"
~ Bente Hewitt
Gilroy California

"My son was diagnosed with mild autism. He was getting increasingly difficult to manage as the years went by. I was willing to do anything to help him to feel better and to make his way in the world. With Caroline’s advice we changed his eating habits and his exposures to chemicals and additives. After about 2 weeks my husband and I noticed a tremendous change. Occasionally when he is exposed to offending foods, we can definitely see the difference. Thank you for giving us a piece of the puzzle and for guiding us in the right direction."
~ Sharon Treeste
Santa Rosa, California

"As a registered nurse I was interested in Caroline Sutherland's information. It has helped me gain a new perspective on the health and nutritional needs of the patients in my care. I was impressed with her presentation, which benefited me not only professionally but personally as well. I am no longer on blood-pressure medication, have increased energy and have lost 35 pounds."
~ Gary Leikas
Portland Oregon

"Right away, Caroline picked up on my breast lumps and uterine fibroids. I followed her suggestions and after 1 ½ months the lumps disappeared along with the stomachaches that had plagued me for years. I also sleep better – a real blessing. Caroline has a special way of making people feel important when she speaks with them. She really cares."
~ Nicky Brown
Scottsdale AZ

"I have been on Caroline Sutherland’s program for about 6 months. I have found her suggestions easy-to-follow offering plenty of food choices. I have had a significant battle with weight over the years and topped out at 165 pounds. I am now 133 pounds, feel great, have loads of energy and get lots of compliments."
~ Rosemary Tate
Bellingham Washington

"Caroline is the first health care professional who has inspired me to take care of myself. Her important guidelines have helped me to lower my blood pressure, lose weight and focus on a new path toward optimum health.
~ Joseph Johannson
Colorado Springs Colorado

"I attended one of Caroline Sutherland’s seminars. Without any expectations, I instituted her suggestions. Within three months, I lost 40 pounds, my joints are no longer stiff and I can think clearly. My family says I look years younger. I am so happy."
~ Jean Eastman

Portland Oregon

"For the past 25 years I have had psoriasis. About 30% of my body was covered; some of the patches on my legs and back were larger than 6 inches in diameter. My skin was so sore that simple movements were so painful when the irritated skin stuck to my clothing. Within several weeks on Caroline’s program and with her ongoing support and guidance my skin began to improve. Even my friends and family noticed a difference. By November my skin is 90 % clear. I am now able to move freely and my skin is no longer burning and itching. I’m even taking dance lessons!"
~ Theresa Pratt
Fairfield Iowa 

" I have followed your food-allergy avoidance program including eradicating Candida yeast and improving my thyroid function. You helped me demystify my body’s processes. I no longer wake up with a stuffy nose and headaches, my body doesn’t hurt and I have five times more energy than I did before - plus I lost 48 pounds."
~ Mickey Thurman
Santa Cruz California

"It is now 45 days since I started my program. I feel as if I am 20 years when in fact I am 50 something. I have energy to walk up and down stairs without stopping to rest. I do not feel "sick and tired" and exhausted anymore. I can clean the house without having to rest after every task. Success is sweet indeed!"
~ Olga Zazova
Euless Texas

"Caroline created a program for our whole family. My husband no longer suffers from depression and feels wonderful. My sister with Lupus is doing much better. My blood pressure is lower, I lost 50 pounds and my digestion has not been this great in over a year!"
~ Maureen Knudsen
Carlsbad California

"Caroline offers top-notch, crucial health information."
~ Connie Bauer
Issaquah Washington

"Caroline’s practical suggestions are so simple yet effective. Anyone can do it."
~ Lynn Jones-Sandler
Princeton New Jersey

"My husband’s arthritis has decreased considerably. He is back to playing tennis with more mobility and stamina. Thank you for helping my family."
~ Irene Mantle, R.N
Fairfield Iowa

"For two years I was plagued with psoriasis on my hands feet, ankles and knees. I had tried all kinds of treatments to no avail. Even though I was skeptical, I decided to give your program a try and to my amazement, I began to see results even after 6 days. After 10 days the skin on the backs of my hands was clear. Since psoriasis seems to ebb and flow, I watched cautiously hoping that this was not another heartbreaking temporary easing of the symptoms. After a month, I realized the results were permanent. It is like a miracle. Something so simple and easy to follow continues to amaze me."
~ Carolyn Peterson
San Antonio Texas

"Thank you for your wonderful Medical Intuitive Training which I attended in Seattle. This was the one class that I had to attend this year. You have brought so much good into my life."
~ Karen Morgan
Novi Michigan

"I am grateful each day for the gift of health and balance your work has provided."
~ Marie Schilly
Sacramento California

"You have illumined my path and given me new hope and direction. Since meeting you and following your program, my health, vitality and relationships have all remarkably improved. Your workshop was marvelous. I feel as if it took me to a whole new level of understanding and awareness."
~ Belinda Alexander
Antioch California

"Caroline, you have made a tremendous impact here in Sun Valley and people are seeing the difference in their lives."
~ Nancy Burke
Sun Valley ID

"You have written a wonderful book. The Body Knows – how to tune in to your body and improve your health, contains a great deal of wisdom in its pages."
~ Tove Moon
Kalamazoo Michigan

" The information in your lecture was awesome. I can’t wait to start implementing some of your suggestions into my life."
~ Suzanne Lewis
Chandler Arizona

"I have lost 64 pounds since I took your class in February!  I will be starting a 30-day cleanse next week and look forward to having even more energy. My friends and family are startled when they have not seen me for a while. Thanks so much for setting me on this path. I feel wonderful.
~ Trinka Baron
Bellingham Washington