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2012, November Caroline Sutherland Newsletter By: Caroline Sutherland, Medical Intuitive

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November 2012 Newsletter

In This Issue
:: Free and Out of Prison
:: The Cure Is...
:: Spend Mondays With Caroline
:: Detox!
:: Think Vacation!
:: Maya White
:: Feel Again!
:: Conspiracy Against Chiropractors
:: Tasty Roasted Vegetables
:: Stress-Less Over the Holidays

Hello Everyone!


Happy Thanksgiving month to everyone! What are you thankful for? For the release from prison after 15 years or more? For the successful sale of a home? For a new relationship? For health and healing on all levels? Thankful for just anything - even a rainy day! I am thankful for you. Thank you for being my loyal fans and supporters as we take this wonderful journey to health and vitality - together.


Many Blessings, Caroline


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Caroline Sutherland's Premier Weight Loss Program 2013 


Have you dieted, lost weight and then   Caroline Sutherland
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Let me help you with permanent weight loss in

my Premier Weight Loss Program!


Caroline's Premier Weight Loss Teleconference Series begins on January 17 following the 7-Day New Year's Detox Program. The Detox Program, starting on January 9th, is a necessary part of the Premier Weight Loss Program. Details & Registration. 


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HCG I am offering 8 weekly weight-loss teleconferences featuring a monitored program PLUS 4 weeks of HCG supplement and coaching.


Following the 7 Day Detox Program ~ every Thursday evening at 5:30pm PT/8:30pm ET we'll be together for eight weeks starting with the detox program on January 9, 2013. Participants in my Premier Weight Loss Program MUST participate in the 7-Day Detox Program. Space is limited Register now.


Freee and Out of Prison 


As you know I am a supporter of The Innocence Project. I am updated with bulletins about the recent release of men who have been incarcerated, often for many years, for crimes they did not commit. Recently I read about Damon Thibodeaux, who spent 15 years on death row in Louisiana, who became the 300th person in the nation to be proven innocent and freed due to DNA testing. Later in October, David Wiggins, a Texas man who had been released in August but was awaiting action from a Texas appeals court, was officially exonerated of the sexual assault, a crime he did not commit, for which he served 24 years, becoming the 301st DNA exoneree.


The United States, DNA exonerees served more than 4,000 years for crimes they did not commit - can you imagine! If the actual perpetrators had been apprehended instead of an innocent person, at least 130 violent crimes that were later committed could have been prevented. The Innocence Project is a metaphor for the prison of our own minds. Where do you hold yourself prisoner? How do your negative thoughts hold you for ransom? It's time to change - break free and become all that you can be. Learn more about The Innocence Project and become a member. When you are thinking about a deserving place to give - join me by sending a donation their way. You don't know when someone you know could be wrongfully accused or wrongfully committed. For more information click here. 


The Cure IS...

You will never look at your health the same way again! I know you will love the insights this film has to offer! 
THE CURE IS... unveils the most profound, ancient health formulas that are finally
The Cure Is... World Premiere Trailer
The Cure Is... World Premiere Trailer
becoming mainstream. Amazing true stories, woven with testimonials from top scientists, doctors and evolutionary leaders. The film is a mind-blowing journey of self-discovery that will radically shift the way you look at your health! 
This is what I can say from my heart, you will never look at your health and dis-ease in the same light. This film brings forward a new health order that is taking the world by storm (finally) and that is: 
"What we hold in our thoughts, beliefs and unresolved emotions may be the greatest threat to our health in our lifetime."

Let me know what you think of this film! Click here for details. 


Monday's with Caroline!

LIVE Radio Show: I am getting such great feedback from my new Blog Talk Caroline Sutherland Radio shows. Join me every  Monday for The Caroline Sutherland Show at 8am PT/11am ET for a fast-paced, informative hour which features interviews with an expert in the alternative health arena. Following the interview, I open the phone lines to take your questions and do "spot readings" via the phone or the chat feature. The podcasts are available right away so you can listen to them anytime.  


Join me again on my teleconferences, Monday evenings at 5:30pm Pacific. 


Monday's are my favorite day - make them yours too!


It's that Time Again! 
Join Caroline Sutherland's  
7 Day New Year's  Detox Program


As we enter into the Holiday season, you know how sluggish and tired all of those foods and drinks will make you. Over-eating during the Holidays reside as toxins in our bodies - too many carbs, fruit, sweet desserts, or alcohol!   



Commit yourself to YOU now! Caroline's 7 Day Detox Program is a great start for 2013!


Caroline's Signature Detox Program has served thousands of people so well over the last 2 decades ~ it will sell out fast! Register here!
Think Vacation.
Think GIFT!

Only 8 Spaces Left! 

The Ultimate Women's Retreat
Health & Healing in Kona Hawaii  
February 8 - 12, 2013


Come and learn, experience, heal, and live life to the full with this incredible women's retreat ~ plus swim with the dolphins! See all of the amenities, plans and offerings available to you on your healing, fun retreat here


hawaii Sheraton  

Call now to register at 800-575-6185 or register online here.

Maya White, Astrologer 

 Maya White

Maya White is my friend and an amazing Astrologer! I encourage you if you seek insight, to follow Amanda and have her read your chart!
What is your sign? Here's your free Astrological update here.

Maya writes great, informative articles on Astrology: check them out for insights and more in-depth information!

Great Song - Feel Again Features Children's Heartbeats

OneRepublic - Feel Again
OneRepublic - Feel Again

Download this song! Feel Again is composed by Ryan Tedder and the musicians of One Republic. The song is integrated around the heart beats of children in Malawi and Guatemala which were recorded using a specialized stethoscope and sent to One Republic via the i-Phone! The song is catchy, infectious and all proceeds go to Save the Children. Something good for $1.29! Click here for more information on Every Beat Matters. Click here to purchase this song! 


The Conspiracy Against Chiropractors and Holistic Physicians



If you're like me, I love my chiropractor and my holistic physicians. Take a look at this movie which is free for a limited time. It speaks to the persecution of the chiropracticprofession and other alternative disciples by the mainstream medical world. It's an eye-opener. Chiropractic, Naturopathy and holistic disciplines are noble professions which continue to thrive because WE want them, and we know they are effective. But alternatives are not welcome in the eyes of the conventional medical system. As you know, I come from a medical family and I embrace both worlds - the conventional and the alternative. Both have their place. Here are the details!  


Tasty Roasted Vegetables

At this time of year, there is nothing nicer than a pan of roasted vegetables. This is a great accompaniment to any meal - especially for Thanksgiving Dinner!

4 tbsp olive oil

1 medium onion - peeled and chopped

1 pound of Brussels sprouts - trimmed and halved

4 medium size Yukon Gold potatoes - washed and cubed

¼ tsp salt

¼ tsp fresh ground pepper

½ pound bacon - cooked and crumbled

1 can water chestnuts - drained and halved

½ cup walnut pieces - toasted


In a steamer, parboil or steam Brussels sprouts for 10 minutes. Drain and cool.

In a medium cast-iron skillet, sauté chopped onion in olive oil until translucent. Add cubed potatoes and sauté for another 15 minutes.

Add water chestnuts, Brussels sprouts. Add salt and pepper. Mix ingredients together and bake at 350 degrees for 30 - 45 minutes.

Toasted walnuts: place ½ cup walnut pieces (or any other nut) in a skillet over medium heat. Stir frequently until golden brown - watch as nuts burn easily. Cool and sprinkle over salads and mains.

Plate each serving of roasted vegetables and garnish with crumbled bacon and toasted walnuts. Serves 4.


Stress-Less Over the Holidays

Full Body Relaxation (MP3 download)
Self care and mindfulness are imperative during this season of giving, receiving, entertaining and the imbalances we encounter when our routines are disrupted and we tend to eat more of what we shouldn't!

Please take time out to listen to my guided meditation each day so you can stay healthy and happy during this hectic time of year!

Full Body Relaxation

This powerful meditation assists you in "looking into your body" to scan each organ for stresses and imbalances. The specific scripting in this meditation orients the listener toward understanding the body from a medical intuitive perspective -  opening the door to insight and wisdom. Download onto your smart phone or ipod here


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