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2012, August Caroline Sutherland Newsletter By: Caroline Sutherland, Medical Intuitive

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August 2012 Newsletter

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:: Maya White
:: Think Vacation!
:: Medical Intuition Training
:: Nut & Seed Cereal
:: Detox!

Hello Everyone!


The end of summer is almost upon us. Enjoy these last few days and take the time to recharge your batteries in preparation for the activities of fall. As I sit in my garden and watch the frenetic activity of the bees in the lavender plants, I am reminded that life is full of beginnings and endings. Adjusting to change, letting go and moving forward are the constants. This month I pay tribute to a dear friend, Dr. Jim MacKimmie, whose wisdom will remain with us always. Treasure those you love and hold them dear. Life is short and very precious.


Many Blessings, Caroline


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In Tribute

I met Dr. MacKimmie in 1986. He is the first and only person that I have met that I believe was a "true Healer." My meditation teacher Dr. June D'Estelle insisted that I see Dr. MacKimmie who at the time was a chiropractor in Watsonville California. Not only was Jim a healer, he was also a seer. He spoke to his patients in stories. When he met me, he told me a story that foreshadowed what would occur in my life two

Jimmie MacKimmie Tribute 
Jimmie MacKimmie Tribute

years later. He had healing power in his hands and one of his treatments would render one "stoked" with energy that would last for days. I could imagine the healing power of Jesus - that was what it felt like, having a treatment from Jim MacKimmie. He called me "cousin" because his last name was also Sutherland before he was adopted by the MacKimmie family at a very young age when his birth mother tried to burn him in a fire place before he was rescued by his sister. He was also very wise and once a year at our New Year's meditation retreat, he would circulate a missal with predictions for the coming year. Dr MacKimmie encouraged us to stay in the moment, love one another, never look back, and to feel the blessings of this transformational time. At several times of crisis in my life, I knew I could call Jim MacKimmie and he would have the exact right words that I needed to hear. He wrote a tremendous book In Presence of Angels (Knowing Heart Press) which documents his life as a healer. The following link contains some of his famous quotes. This beautiful tribute was created by Steve Michaels, Jim's wife Andrea and several friends. You'll also see photos of Jim - a wiley cat and a great man. There are also great healers who walk the earth. Some of them are unrecognizable - they look like simple, normal people. They are among us and you may be one of them.


THE HEALERS CIRCLE - Seeing Into The Body   
 Are you going through life challenges, health, relationship or financial challenges and need help? Look no further. On August 27 a group of inspirational teachers will join Adoley Odunton, host of the Wellness Revolution Series to bring together 21 of the most brilliant and compassionate spiritual healers to help you heal your most formidable health, relationship and money challenges in a unique format called The Healer's Circle...

I am delighted to be included and will be speaking on Tuesday, August 28th at 12:00PM PST 3:00PM EST on one of my favorite topics: Seeing into the Body: Introduction to the World of Medical Intuition. 
AdoleyAdoley has gathered together an extraordinary group of top healers. Here is a sampling of the amazing experts who will be a part of this series...
  • Rhonda Britten, renowned life coach, TV host, NY Times best selling author and founder of Fearless Living Institute
  • Dr. Dain Heer, International Speaker, Author, and co-Founder of Access Consciousness
  • Maureen Moss, Author, Spiritual Teacher and Founder of the World Puja Network Dr.
  • Melanie Smith, Doctor of Oriental Medicine and Energy Medicine Practitioner
  • Kenji Kumara, Quantum Healer and Creator of Quantum Lightweaving     

and many new exciting healers.

I'd be honored if you'd join us for this unprecedented, (and free), 8 week series. Because this call is unlike any other spiritual gathering offered before online, with  

  • 75 minute sessions with the healer, without interviewer interruptions
  • Meditations that instantly calm your mind, no matter how chatty it is in there
  • Transformational processes that can be instantly applied to real life situations
  • Healing activations that free you from self-sabotage
  • Energy shifting clearings that revitalize your focus and zest for life
  • Vibration raising attunements that increase your self-love and acceptance of others One on one coaching that would normally cost you $100s of dollars per hour  
Plus new modalities you've never seen...

But that's not all that makes the Healer's Circle so unique. To help you hold your highest intention for healing through the 8 weeks there will be...
3 special intention calls. 1 at the beginning with the healers to help you open yourself to the fullest healing potential throughout the series; 1 half way through to keep you on track and 1 at the end to check in with the healers on your progress.

Plus, Adoley will also have her team of Practitioners praying for you every day for 8 weeks. As well as a community Facebook page to connect with others, post your prayer requests and celebrate your breakthroughs.

If you could use a loving circle of friends to help you heal in surprising ways like that precious boy then join us now here.   

P.S. Oh, and one more thing... as soon as you sign up you'll also instantly get some fabulous bonuses from the healers. Head on over there to check them out
now here.


Monday's with Caroline!

I am getting such great feedback from my new Blog Talk Blog Talk RadioRadio shows. Join me every  Monday for The Caroline Sutherland Show at 8am PT/11am ET for a fast-paced, informative hour which features interviews with an expert in the alternative health arena. Following the interview, I open the phone lines to take your questions and do "spot readings" via the phone or the chat feature. The podcasts are available right away so you can listen to them anytime. Join me on Monday mornings and again on my teleconferences on Monday evenings.  


Monday's are my favorite day - make them yours too!


Maya White ~ Your Monthly Horoscope!Maya White


Have you checked your Monthly Horoscope with Maya White? Maya is my choice for all things Astrology!

See what's predicted for you here!  
Think Vacation - Think The Ultimate
Women's Health Retreat!

The Ultimate Women's Retreat
Health & Healing in Kona Hawaii  
February 8 - 12, 2013
Come and learn, experience, heal, and live life to the full with this incredible women's retreat ~ plus swim with the dolphins! 
Remember - there are only 50 spaces available in this incredible retreat! 
Click here for all of the details:  Ultimate Women's Health Retreat

Sheraton Hawaii
Caroline's Signature, Annual Medical Intuition Training, Bellingham, WA
October 26, 27, and 28, 2012

Hurry, Early Bird Pricing ends September 1st!

Caroline Sutherland, best selling author, health expert and Medical Intuitive presents a 2 1/2  day intensive Training in Medical Intuition at the charming and historic Fairhaven Village Inn, in Bellingham Washington.

Caroline Sutherland - Medical Intuitive Training
Caroline Sutherland - Medical Intuitive Training


This course is designed to familiarize the practitioner and the lay person with some of the ways that intuition comes to us, and to personalize these instincts to better assist ourselves, our clients and patients.


Medical intuition is a potent form of inner wisdom that is our birthright. Intuition comes to us as inner knowing - a revelation, a gut hunch, a physical feeling, sensation or realization. Intuition is not dependent on the rational mind. Medical Intuition is not just the domain of a few gifted people. Everyone has the ability to see the body with "new eyes" - and to "feel" instinctively - what may be out of balance on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels.



  • Honing the intuition - accessing intuitive impressions
  • "Tuning in" to body parts and processes
  • How to "read" imbalanced systems
  • Recognizing visual signs of imbalance
  • Understanding the 7 key problem areas
  • How to "tune in" to children and the elderly
  • The assessment of food allergies and sensitivities
  • The identification of environmental factors
  • Chemical sensitivities and electromagnetic sensitivities
  • Hormone balancing
  • Simple methods of muscle testing and self-testing
  • The emotional and spiritual components of illness
  • How to stay out of the "cancer zone"
  • Understanding and redirecting the "subconscious death process"
  • The use of photographs to identify and correct imbalances
And much more.


15 Continuing Education Contact Hours Available for RN's and LMT's.  


Fairhaven Village Inn, Bellingham, Washington 

Registration & details here or call: 360-527-3311


Friday 7-9:30pm, Saturday 9am-5pm, and Sunday 9am-5pm

Cost: $375. before September 1, 2012. Cost $425. after September 1, 2012


Fee includes a Medical Intuitive Reading or Recheck on Friday afternoon October 26 between 3-5pm.


Nut and Seed Cereal


If you're like a lot of people, you may not want a meat and egg breakfast everyday! My daughter and I were chatting at the cottage this summer. She's come up with a great way to get the protein from a nut and seed breakfast "cereal" that really works for her. If you feel a little sluggish after a carb-loaded breakfast, give this a try:

1 cup of each:

  • Raw sunflower seeds
  • Raw sesame seeds
  • Raw pumpkin seeds
  • Hemp buds
  • Chia seeds
  • Flax seeds
  • Fine-shred unsweetened coconut
  • Raw almonds (any other nut that you chose may be used in place of almonds)

Note: You may change or eliminate any of the above ingredients and create your own mixture.  

Place all ingredients in a food processor and blend till powdered but not liquefied, or blend in batches in a "Magic Bullet" mini blender, or clean coffee grinder. Store mixture in a covered jar or container in the refrigerator. Place a ¾ cup serving in an attractive bowl and add almond milk or coconut milk to taste. You can add ½ tsp of honey, a dash of vanilla to the serving or a sprinkling of cinnamon. Enjoy.

Join Caroline Sutherland's  Caroline Sutherland

Signature 7 Day Fall Detox Program


Caroline's Signature Detox Program has served thousands of people so well over the last 2 decades that it will sell out fast! So hurry and register now! 


Are you feeling sluggish and tired? Have you been over-eating during the summer - too many carbs, fruit, sweet desserts, or alcohol!


Then Caroline's 7 Day Detox Program is a great
start for Fall 2012!  


Best selling author, medical intuitive and health coach Caroline Sutherland guides you through a Fall detoxification program.


The 7 day teleconference coaching program with Caroline starts Wednesday September 12. You'll also get telephone follow-ups every second day (September 14, September 16 and September 18) to monitor your progress, plus free recipes and lots of great information as the week unfolds.  

This is NOT a cleanse, this is not a "fast", this is not about starvation, this is not about water or mung bean sprouts (thank goodness!) this is a specific food program designed to help reduce symptoms, inflammation and overall body toxicity. There is plenty to eat! And all of the foods are available at your local grocery store.

The phone-in Detox Teleconference Program starts on Wednesday September 12 at: 5:30pm PT/6:30pm MT/7:30pm CT/8:30pm ET and continues to Tuesday, September 18th.  

On Tuesday September 11 you'll receive the telephone number to call and PIN.  

Cost $99. before September 5. Or - Cost: $125. after September 5.  




 "I thoroughly enjoyed the 7 Day Detox Program. I was never hungry, the recipes were delicious plus it was a great way to lose 5 pounds."
~ Louise Hay, Author of you can Heal Your Life





"This was my second detox program taken with you and, I've lost 6 lbs!! I feel so much lighter, clear headed, & fluid. My joints don't hurt & I feel more joyful! What a lesson this has been for me. To know the simple power of food choices & how your body responds to them. Wow! Thank you for your years of knowledge & passion to help so many others with it! A beautiful, empowering GIFT!" With love & gratefulness, Georgia H., Tampa FL   


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