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2012, April Caroline Sutherland Newsletter By: Caroline Sutherland, Medical Intuitive

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April 2012 Newsletter

In This Issue
:: Something New From Louise Hay
:: What's in the Stars for You?
:: Recipe..Grilled Thai Chicken
:: Join Caroline in Boston
:: Central Asia Institute
:: Do You Work in the Healthcare Field?
:: Looking for a Voiceover Artist?
:: 7 Day Spring Detox
:: No Regrets
Happy Spring Everyone!

allergesSpring is a magical time, when everything comes alive - and so do seasonal allergies! If you have a stuffy nose and itchy eyes, I have some suggestions for you. Try my "No Wheeze" drops which help to neutralize the effects of seasonal allergies, pollens and airborne inhalants. Take a look at this article, giving you practical guidelines to cope with allergies and identify the cause....Read on!  


Blessings, Caroline


Something New From Louise Hay

Louise Hay

She's at it again... something new from 85-year-old Louise Hay! As Louise says, "You're never too old to learn something new." Check out her latest book Heart Thoughts: A treasury of Inner Wisdom. Great for your coffee table or nightstand! Every time you turn a page, you'll find exactly the right thought for where you are right now. Louise has done a great job on this book - indeed it is a treasure.

Get your copy here!  


Maya White

What's in the Stars for You?


Discover your monthly astrological forecast from my friend and fellow Hay House author Maya White. She's an astro-cartographer and Maya's readings are "spot on." Find out what the stars have in store for you this month. Free Monthly Horoscope 



If you like Thai food, you'll love this chicken recipe. It's one of many great recipes from The Body Knows Cookbook - Get your Copy HERE   


Grilled Thai Chicken  

1 cup chicken broth
2 Tbsp Tamari Sauce
2 tbsp lime juice
3 cloves fine minced garlic
2 tsp grated fresh ginger root
1 tsp honey
2 - 4 tbsp Thai seasoning (in packets in the oriental section in the grocery store)
6 chicken breasts
Place chicken breasts in flat glass baking dish. Mix liquids and spices together brush over chicken breasts. Place in refrigerator. Turn breasts over to marinate other side after 1 hour. Grill, pan fry or broil for about 10 minutes. Add remaining marinade and continue cooking another 5 minutes. Serve with basmati rice and fresh asparagus.

Caroline Sutherland

Join Caroline in Boston for Two Special Events 
Wednesday April 18, 7-9pm   

How to Boost Energy, Lose Weight & Balance Hormones 

 Cost: $15. at the door 

 at 46 Bypass Road, Lincoln MA 0 1773   


CAROLINE SUTHERLAND, medical intuitive and best-selling author of The Body Knows books, shares her secrets to "boost energy, lose weight and balance hormones" in this action-packed event. If you have ever wondered why you gain weight, why you're always tired or how to get your hormones on track, Caroline will do spot readings and answer your questions about the chronic health issues that affect us all.    


Louise & CarolineWith her expert wisdom and sparkling sense of humor, Caroline will cover the components of a staying young and energetic, showing in the process that the body has a phenomenal capacity to repair. Caroline is Louise Hay's personal health coach and at age 85, Louise credits Caroline for her vibrant health. 


Caroline has a vast clinical background as an allergy-testing technician in environmental medicine, which is where her intuitive gift developed. For almost three decades, she has lectured internationally, and her intuitive impressions have positively affected the lives of thousands of people. Come, be uplifted and get healthy! Cost $15. register at the door.

Thursday April 19, 5pm - 9pm
Medical Intuitive Readings & Seminar
Cost $125 or $150 at the door.
Register online here!

If you are dealing with a chronic health issue, weight-gain or menopause, don't miss Tiredthis event.

Each person receives an individual health reading. Following this unique, confidential, intuitive process, the "action-packed" seminar begins. Caroline gives an in-depth explanation of the reading process and important guidelines for health improvement. Find out that weight loss is not a mystery and how menopause can be a smooth and easy transition.

weightlossLearn the five components of safe effortless weight-loss; understand the five key menopausal imbalances and how to correct them; find out how to control Candida yeast and fungus; how common foods affect us; how to improve your memory; improve your anti-aging capacity and how to stay out of the cancer zone. Caroline Sutherland shares her pearls of wisdom and years of clinical experience in this exciting event. Please be sure to have dinner before you arrive at the event.

CAI (Central Asia Institute) Unfounded Allegations

Three CUps of Tea Author Not everything you see on the investigative news broadcast, 60 Minutes is true. And so, as we have believed all along, The CAI, the non-profit foundation formed by Greg Mortenson author "Three Cups of Tea" has completed the investigative process.

Moreover the negative press aired on 60 Minutes last year, has proved to be unfounded. Today CAI released the statement that the Montana Attorney General's department  has concluded its investigation. "
Central Asia Institute (CAI) is pleased that the Montana Attorney General's Office (OAG), CAI, and Greg Mortenson have signed an agreement resolving the OAG's inquiries. The Agreement is a compromise of disputed claims, and we look forward to moving ahead as an even stronger organization, focusing on CAI's vital mission."  

Greg and CAI have worked with communities in the mountainous, remote, and often war-wracked areas of Pakistan and Afghanistan since 1996 to build, supply, staff, and maintain over 180 schools and 30 vocational centers and support an additional 56 schools, 20 literacy centers, eight scholarship programs, and 22 public health (potable water, midwifery, and disaster-relief) projects. Learn more about Greg Mortenson, CAI and one of my favorite books, Three Cups of Tea HERE. 

Do You Work in the Healthcare Field?  


FIrst Heal Thyself Book Cover If you are a doctor, nurse, social worker or care-giver take a look at the recent release by Nadine Kassidy RN and Jamieson Jones MD., First, Heal Thyself: How to Survive Spiritually in the Healthcare Industry. If you work in the healthcare industry, you will find great wisdom in these pages. This book will help you to find meaning in your work, find an anchor of spirituality and a healthier balance between the spiritual and scientific aspects of the medical world.  


Purchase the Book here.


Reserve Your Space Now!  
The Ultimate Women's Retreat
Health & Healing in Kona Hawaii  
February 8 - 12, 2013
Come and learn, experience, heal, and live life to the full with this incredible women's retreat ~ plus swim with the dolphins! 
Remember - there are only 50 spaces available
in this incredible retreat!
Pay $125 NOW to secure your space!
Click here for all of the details:  Ultimate Women's Health Retreat

Hawii Women's Conference
Looking for a Voiceover Artist?    

DeDe Moffett
If you need a voice-over artist for an AD you've created or an audio segment on your website, listen to the intro for my new show on Blog Talk Radio. That's the voice of Dede Murcer-Moffatt, singer, song writer, radio host, and voice over artist! Working with DeDe is great fun. She's a polished professional and she'll make your work shine. Give DeDe a call: 469.358.9076

 Detox Join Caroline Sutherland's
7 Day Spring 
Detox Teleconference Program 
Starts on April 25th 

Are you feeling sluggish and tired? Have you been over-eating during the cold weather - too many comfort foods, sweet desserts, or alcohol!

Then this 7 Day Detox Program is a great start for Spring 2012! 
The 7 day teleconference coaching program with Caroline starts Wednesday April 25. You'll also get telephone follow-ups every second day (April 27, April 29 and May 1) to monitor your progress, plus free recipes and lots of great information as the week unfolds. 
This is NOT a cleanse, this is not a "fast", this is not about starvation, this is not about water or mung bean sprouts (thank goodness!) this is a specific food program designed to help reduce symptoms, inflammation and overall body toxicity. There is plenty to eat! And all of the foods are available at your local grocery store. 
The phone-in Detox Teleconference Program starts Wednesday
April 25 at: 5:30pm PT/6:30pm MT/7:30pm CT/8:30pm ET
and continues to Tuesday May 1st.
On April 24 you'll receive the telephone number to call and PIN. 
Cost $99. before April 18. Or - Cost: $125. after April 18.

No Regrets 


Top 5 Regrets of People Dying

I found this article interesting. Did you know there are five major regrets expressed by dying people? Life is short and very precious. Live your life to the full without regrets.

Take a


Regrets Book

Here is the book to accompany this powerful article regarding the regrets of dying people. The Top Five Regrets Of The Dying

A Life Transformed by the Dearly Departing gives hope for a better world. Bronnie's delightful memoir is a courageous, life-changing book that will leave you feeling more compassionate and inspired to live the life you are truly here to live.  
For more information click here!


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