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2011, February Caroline Sutherland Newsletter By: Caroline Sutherland, Medical Intuitive

In This Issue
:: Meditation Day
:: Weight Loss Tele-Seminar
:: Your Destiny Uses Your Gifts
:: I Can Do It! Vancouver
:: Bio-Identical Hormone Practioner
:: Miravel Spa Retreat
:: Recipe - Kale Chips
:: Cancer is curable NOW!
:: 7-Day Detox Program
:: Come to Kripalu
:: Caroline's Radio Shows
:: Three New Products
:: Someone I Met
:: Astrology with Maya White
:: Peace from Broken Pieces
:: Alkaline Water Unit - For Sale
:: Connect With Caroline

Oval PhotoHello Everyone, 

February is heart month - a time when we focus on the physical heart and the emotional heart. This is my gift to you this month - a few practical strategies to help your heart to strengthen and heal. Open up, expand and think about heart health - the beat that continually goes on for you! Heart Health. Red Heart   

Blessings, Caroline  
AmethystMeditation Day - March 5 - $49


One of the greatest gifts you can give yourself is a day of meditation. Meditation is the cornerstone of medical intuition. You can only tune in to the body if you are connected to the source.  Meditation is also the link to your personal healing and heart expansion.

Join me on Saturday March 5th for a day of meditation entitled: Entering the Crystal City. Imagine in the distance, a beautiful city glowing with light.

Come, meditate and experience it with me.
Cost $49.  Sign Up Here.


Join Caroline Sutherland for her Signature ~

               "Weight Loss Tele-Seminar Evening"

Thursday March 10th.

Time: 5:30 PT/6:30 MT/ 7:30 CT/8:30 ET

Cost: $49


Caroline SutherlandIf you're tired of the weight loss game and you'd like to know the real reasons why you gain weight and what to do about it - this teleseminar event is for you. Imagine - losing weight without calorie counting, pushing yourself away from the table and saying NO. You'll learn how to stop a craving, why fat in the diet is important plus Caroline's signature "Five Components of Successful Weight Loss." It's time to set a new intention - lose weight and get healthy!  

 "Caroline Sutherland has the tools and techniques to help you lose weight and keep it off. I lost 40 pounds on her program last year. I feel terrific." Sheryl M., NYC

Your Destiny Uses Your Gifts

Rachall Hall & CarolineLast November I was a speaker at Celebrate Your Life - a wonderful conference that uplifts the soul. CYL is held each year in Arizona and in Chicago in June. Meet me there in June 2011! At these conferences I love wandering around through the vendor booths and displays. I am always looking for what's new and who is offering special and unique services. 

That is when I met permanent make-up artist Rachell Hall. Rachell has transformed the lives of countless women who have had breast reconstructive surgery following breast cancer. Here's Susan's story.  "Yesterday I walked into the office of Permanent Make-Up Artist Rachell Hall. I entered as a 39-year-old breast cancer survivor and less than one hour later I came out a new person! For the first time since my mastectomy (2 years ago), I can look in the mirror and feel like a woman again. It is unbelievable how tattooed nipples have transformed these implanted mounds on my chest into breasts. I feel human. I feel normal. I feel sexy! I can't thank Rachell enough for her kindness and for using her skills to give breast cancer survivors a chance to feel normal again."
Visit Rachell  


The Mind, Body and Soul Retreat
Come and Be Inspired 

Friday, Saturday and Sunday  March 11-13  

I Can Do It - Vancouver

Vancouver Trade and Convention Center

Canada Place, Vancouver B.C.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday  March 11-13

Don't miss this life-changing conference where you'll meet your favorite authors, spiritual teachers and leaders in the field of health and personal development. Meet Caroline Sutherland in the Haylo Health booth where she'll be conducting mini-readings and discussing your health-related questions.
 Register online or call Hay House 800-654-5126

Are You Looking for a Good Bio-Identical Hormone Balancing Practitioner?


New Medicine FoundationHormone balancing needs to be done skillfully and conservatively. I like the work of Dr Edward Pearson M.D., at The New Medicine Foundation. Dr Pearson has been doing BHRT for the past 10 years and you don't have to go to Florida to work with him. I like his approach and the fact that all follow-ups are included in your initial consultation and testing price. Life goes much better when hormones are balanced. Visit online.

For our Canadian Customers, you can go to the New Moon Health website!

Miravel Spa Retreat -

Experience the Ultimate in Self-Care

March 27-31, 2011  



Join your favorite authors, Louise Hay and Cheryl Richardson for an unforgettable spa experience at Miraval. Once you have been to Miraval - you just want to go back! This is the perfect atmosphere for relaxation and healing - wonderful food, workshops, accommodations and surroundings. Get in touch with your body and your soul.
Be at Miraval

Kale ChipsRecipe: Kale Chips


This yummy recipe comes to me from Laura in Arizona. According to Laura, it's a family favorite. One bunch of kale leaves, washed, dried and torn into 'chip' sized pieces.  Place them on a cookie sheet in a single layer and broil them for a few minutes, until the tips of the kale are crunchy.  You can spritz them with olive oil and use a pinch of salt, if desired.  Best served warm. Laura says," My girls fight over them, and I am not kidding." Get your greens, try Laura's kale chips!


Cancer is Curable NOW

Pre-order movie today!

Cancer is curable NOW! 

My friends at Medicine of HOPE are featured in this film about cancer along with my friend Bruce Lipton and several other internationally recognized people. If you or someone you know has been affected by cancer, this is a must-see movie. It's time for us to shift our thinking about what cancer is and how it can be healed.


At Medicine of HOPE, in Phoenix, Arizona, they treat cancer and chronic illness naturally and through the mind/body connection. Dr. Charlie Schwengel and Malonie Gabriel, BA, LMT, EEM-CLP, have a deep understanding of cancer, chronic illness, and dis-ease. They understand that these illnesses do not strike at random and each has a purpose and a root cause housed in our personal vulnerabilities. They provide individualized treatment plans based on all aspects your physical body, beliefs, perceptions, and lifestyle. Since diseases form as a natural response to prolonged conflicts, stresses, nutritional deficiencies, and accumulation of toxins, Medicine of HOPE practitioners approach treatment with the understanding that cancer and other chronic illnesses are only symptoms or a wake-up call. Please let me know what you think of this movie. Click here to pre-order and to see more about the truth of healing from cancer ~ it is not the enemy and it is not about "The Fight." 


CS Headshot Orange

Caroline Sutherland Presents
Her Signature Spring 7-Day Detox Program 
starts on Wed. April 13 


Are you feeling sluggish and tired? Have you been over-eating this winter - too much pasta, too many desserts? Then this 7 Day Detox Program is a great start for Spring 2011!


This is NOT a cleanse, this is not a "fast", this is not about starvation, this is not about water or mung bean sprouts (thank goodness!) this is a specific food program designed to help reduce symptoms, inflammation and overall body toxicity. There is plenty to eat! And all of the foods are available at your local grocery store.    

The phone-in Detox Teleconference Program starts Wednesday April 13 at 5:30pm PT/7:30pm CT/8:30pm ET  and continues to Tuesday April 19th.


On April 12 you'll receive the telephone number to call and PIN.


Cost $99. before April 1

Cost: $125. after April 1

Sign Up Now! 



Friday, Saturday and Sunday May 6 - 8 

Kripalu Retreat Center in Lenox Mass


Healthy-Aging and Medical Intuition Workshops ~

Learn to Tune In To Your Body and Stay Young


Caroline Sutherland, medical intuitive and best-selling author of The Body Knows...How to Stay Young, is Louise Hay's personal health coach. At age 83, Louise credits Caroline for her vibrant health. In this groundbreaking weekend, Caroline will share her healthy-aging secrets, the components of a vibrant-aging program, and reveal the body's phenomenal capacity to repair at any age.You will learn:

  • What your body "knows" about your personal aging process
  • The factors that accelerate aging
  • How certain foods affect the body
  • How to improve mobility, enhance mental clarity, boost energy, and do an intuitive body scan
  • The fundamentals of hormone balancing
  • The relationship between health and destiny
  • How inner vision and meditation offer healthy-aging secrets.

 Call: 413-448-3152 or visit online at or Register Here!

Haylo Health Hour Radio Show
with Caroline Sutherland
Hay House Radio Show
Caroline Sutherland

Love Your Heart - Helping Your Heart Stay Healthy and Strong. February 20 @ 12pm PST Love Your Heart: Helping Your Heart Stay Healthy and Strong  Join medical intuitive Caroline Sutherland as she takes you on a journey to explore the health of your heart. In today's enlightening hour. Listen Here


Healthy Living and Aging with Special Guest, Louise Hay. February 21 @ 8am PST Get health tips from two of the world's top experts today! Listen in as medical intuitive Caroline Sutherland talks with Hay House founder Louise Hay about what you need to know to live a long, healthy, and vibrant life. Caroline addresses your health concerns and explains how to tune into your body to add years to your life. Listen Here 


Three New Products

PinholeglassesI love finding great items that are effective and affordable. I discovered pinhole glasses many years ago and I religiously wear them for half an hour each day. The pin holes in the glasses exercise your eyes. You can actually see to read without regular glasses. Give them a try. Pinhole glasses   (use access code life123) 


E-Lyte SolutionElectrolyte Solution

Many people comment that although they are drinking plenty of water, they don't really feel hydrated. I drink 2 glasses of this water every day. It really quenches your thirst. E-Lyte Solution (use access code life123)



Skin FoodSkin Food

Is your skin feeling dry this winter? You'll enjoy this rich skin cream made in Germany. Place a little water on your hand. Then massage a pea-size amount of this moisturizing cream into your hands and 'press' it on to your face. It soaks in right away and even in the afternoon you skin feels supple and nourished.  Skin Food (use access code life123)


Someone I Met

Last month, when I attended a wonderful meditation retreat, I met a very interesting woman who had written a book about her experiences as a teacher in Khartoum, Sudan. She describes the translation of our phrase - no problem.  Mafee moush kelah (pronounced mah-fee-moosh-kuh-luh) in Arabic means "the problem is not available." I love that - the problem is NOT available!

Astrology Maya White 

Maya WhiteKeep up with your astrology. Find out what the stars have in mind for you. You'll enjoy the monthly forecasts from my friend and fellow Hay House author Maya White.

Take a look at her astrology cards too. The cards teach you to do your own astrology readings.

  PEACE from Broken Pieces

Peace From Broken Pieces 

I really enjoyed spiritual leader Ylanya Vanzant's latest book Peace From Broken Pieces. For those of you who are Yanla (sic) fans on Hay House radio - you will get a lot out of her story. Everyone who has a broken piece in their lives will benefit from her experience.


She was just on Oprah featuring her book!


You may order it from Amazon here! 


Alkaline Water Unit - For Sale

I have a great Alkaline Water Unit water unit for sale. If you are interested in the benefits of alkaline water, I am selling one of my Tyent demo units for just $550 including 2 new filers. There are numerous benefits to alkaline water and most of the units available cost between two and four thousand dollars. Give me a call if you'd like a great unit at a great price! 360-527-3311.

Here's Where You Can Connect With Caroline:

"I just received your newsletter and as always, am so amazed how right to the point you are. We are certainly on the same wave-length and to me, you are so amazing the way you spell out everything that
I am just 'guessing' at! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your story about your mother. It really helped."
~ Irene, Ontario Canada
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