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2006, January Caroline Sutherland Newsletter By: Caroline Sutherland

Caroline Sutherland Newsletter

Happy New Year Everyone!

Here we are again after a season of "off the program" eating and as the beautiful singer Olivia Newton John, whom I met recently (see our photo below) would say -
Let's Get Physical!
It's time to hear our body talk and to listen to its messages. That's what I am all about - helping you to get strong and healthy for a wonderful New Year ahead.
Health and vitality are so important to me. It is my great joy to continue to be in touch with you through this newsletter and to help you to stay motivated on your path to optimum wellness.

Blessings, Caroline

Please note:
Statements in this newsletter have not been reviewed by the FDA. Never start or stop any treatments, programs or medications without first consulting your medical doctor.

in this issue
  • DIET BOOK and Premier Weight Loss Program
  • SEASONAL AFFECTED DISORDER - Let there be light!
  • COLUMN - Let's Get Physical!
  • RECHECKS - Check back in with Caroline and update your health goals
  • Radio Interview

  • SEASONAL AFFECTED DISORDER - Let there be light!

    As soon as fall and winter sets in to many parts of the world, people can become depressed or adversely affected in terms of mood and energy because of the lack of natural light.
    This lack of sunlight affects the pineal gland, one of the major endocrine glands, located in the head. The pineal gland is involved in hormone function, energy and mood regulation. This syndrome is called Seasonal Affected Disorder, or S.A.D.
    As yet this syndrome is not well recognized and often the treatments can be complicated, time-consuming, and expensive.
    Many years ago, a skilled group of alternative practitioners that I know discovered an inexpensive way of treating S.A.D.
    Take an ordinary pocket flashlight. When you get into bed at night, turn on the flashlight and hold it on the center of your forehead for about three minutes. In this process, you are effectively flooding your brain cavity with this powerful light. Repeat this simple procedure every night before sleeping and every morning upon waking for approximately three weeks, and then once or twice a week after that.
    It wont take long before you will notice an improvement in energy and mood.
    Along with this simple procedure, I find it is even more effective if you repeat a positive affirmation such as:
    I am healthy and balanced; I am whole, complete and healthy or see yourself in a healthy setting  in a rose garden, on a beach or mountain top breathing in fresh air and sunshine.

    COLUMN - Let's Get Physical!

    The Body Knows - Ask a Medical Intuitive

    Dear Caroline,
    Every single December 31st my New Years resolution is - lose weight! I pinch my thighs and stomach, swear off fat and all my treats and then by January 2nd I am back to my old habits. I know that carrying extra weight is a symptom of something deeper but I wish there was a simple solution. Please help!

    Brenda A, Beaverton Oregon

    Dear Brenda,
    I totally understand how you feel. For 20 years I struggled with yo-yo dieting until it was discovered that I was eating foods to which I was allergic.
    Within a month of avoiding these foods, I lost 20 pounds  never to be regained unless I slipped back into my old eating habits.
    The secrets of successful weight loss are all described in my new book The Body Knows Diet  cracking the weight loss code.
    I believe that successful weight loss is a code  a recipe which when followed will yield results without starvation and penance. So have faith in your New Year's resolution this year!

    These are the five important components of effective weight loss:

    1.Food allergies: most overweight people have food allergies  particularly to the common foods that they eat every day. Food allergies can trigger histamine reactions which result in fluid retention.
    2.Chronic Candidiasis: most overweight people are afflicted with the Candida Yeast Syndrome, which can trigger tremendous cravings for starches and sugars.
    3.Excessive carbohydrate consumption:
    carbohydrates (starches) quickly convert to sugar. Excess sugar is then converted to fat and stored in the tissue.
    4.Exercise: lets get the body moving, move the lymphatic system, tune and tone up muscles and fibers, increase the heart rate and feel better. Choose something simple that you can commit to every day.
    5.Hormone imbalances: another major component in the weight question is hormones. Overweight people often have thyroid problems and related endocrine problems which can affect fat-burning metabolism.
    Hormones require careful balancing which can be done through your local naturopathic physician or holistic medical doctor or family nurse practitioner.
    We will be discussing individual hormone balancing in my premier Weight Loss Teleseminar.

    Now lets take a look at the emotional component. What are you weighting for? Often we use food to placate our inner child which is always hungry for joyful, meaningful expression and hungry for LOVE. How much joy and happiness do you have in your life? Are you enjoying your job and relationships? Are you enjoying your own company and are you at peace with yourself?
    These are things to think about as we start the New Year.

    Caroline Sutherland has been a medical intuitive for over 20 years. Her popular book, The Body Knows  how to tune in to your body andimprove your health www.hayhouse .com shows us how to implement the intuitive process for ourselves. Visit online at


    Lahaina, Hawaii January 6
    Bellingham, Washington January 18 & 24
    Portland, Oregon January 20 - 22
    Seattle, Washington - January 29 & 30

    RECHECKS - Check back in with Caroline and update your health goals

    I know you've been asking for this - now here it is! I am delighted to announce that I will be offering a re-check teleseminar (telephone conference) program beginning January 19th for 3 weeks.
    How does it work? Email me and let me know that you would like to participate in the recheck program.
    Cost $79 for 1 session, $150 for 2 sessions and $199 for 3 sessions. We send you a telephone number. Then, on January 19, 26 and February 2 starting at 7pm PST - 10pm EST you call in to the number, enter your passcode and you are able to speak with me live and in person to ask questions and discuss your on- going health goals. The biggest obstacle to getting well and staying on track is having that personal connection and motivation. This is a great way to do it!

    Photo Olivia and Caroline

    Once in a while you get a chance to meet someone famous and special. I met Olivia Newton John in November in Omaha Nebraska when she was on tour. Now 57 years old, she is incredibly beautiful, very pro-active about her health and as always a fabulous singer. Friends and I were invited to her concert and to visit her backstage - what an experience. Her new CD - Stronger Than Before is an inspiration and is filled with beautiful uplifting songs.

    Radio Interview

    "Curious about my life and the history of my business?

    I was recently interviewed on Web Sorority Talk Radio. Host Lynne Klippel is so easy to talk to that she got me to discuss things that I usually don't cover in interviews: how my business has grown over the past twenty years, how I balance my work and my life, and how I have been spiritually supported in using my gifts to help others. Listen to the interview for free at
    Don't delay, it will only be available from Jan 1- 9, 2006. Enjoy!"

    DIET BOOK and Premier Weight Loss Program
    The Body Knows Diet Book

    I have spoken to thousands of people over the years and one of the successes of which I am most proud, is helping people to lose weight.

    Contrary to what the diet industry tells us and what millions of people have experienced, weight loss is not a mystery.

    I offer 4 ways to help you to lose weight:

    Personal Assessment:
    Get your own individual program at one of my seminars.

    The Body Knows Diet
    - read my book and find out the 5 components of successful weight loss.

    On line Weight Loss Program:
    Register online and follow a video seminar showing you why you gain weight and what to do about it. You can view this video as many times as you like for 1 full month!

    Premier Weight Loss Teleseminar:
    For 8 weeks you can be part of a telephone conference call which offers individual on-going support - there are a few spaces left.

    "I lost 38 pounds in 3 1/2 months on Caroline Sutherland's program and I have kept it off for almost 2 years. If I can do it, anyone can!" Rosemary Tate, Bellingham WA

    "The Body Knows Diet - cracking the weight- loss code" will show you how easy it is to lose weight without dieting, calorie counting, measuring, starving or bending yourself into a pretzel at the gym!

    Are you frustrated with the weight loss game?
    Have you dieted and lost and dieted again - so many times only to give up in despair?

    Then it is time to: Learn the five components of safe, effortless weight loss; understand the keys to hormone balancing; find out how to stop cravings; prevent fluid retention and much more in this informative ground breaking book or with one of Caroline's weight loss programs.
    In her book, Caroline Sutherland shares her pearls of wisdom and years of experience helping thousands of people to lose weight effectively.

    Cost: $16.95 with companion CD

    5 -1/2" x 8-1/2" approx. 232 pages ISBN 0-9683866-1-X
    Order the book and CD set through

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