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2010, October Caroline Sutherland Newsletter By: Caroline Sutherland, Medical Intuitive

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October 2010 Newsletter 
In This Issue
:: Tools for Coping with Grief.
:: 3-Day Medical Intuitive Training
:: "My little Angel Tells Me I'm Special".
:: Men, Money and Chocolate
:: Caroline's Radio Shows
:: I'm the Haylo Health Spokesperson!
:: Hormone Balancing Expert.
:: So You Think You Can't Make a Difference?
:: Connect With Caroline
:: Daily Motivational Health Notes.
:: Imagine...A Peace Gathering
:: Roasted Vegetables Recipe
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Caroline Sutherland
Hello Everyone,

Its fall and we have all heard the expression, "To everything there is a season." For many, this may just be fall but for others this is the season of grieving. Recently I have heard from several people about the individual losses they are experiencing. My friend's mother died this spring. She and her Mom were very close and for her, the loss of her mother is incomparable. Another friend's marriage fell apart after 12 years. Her children have scattered - off to college and work out of state. There's a big loss. Now, just the other day, a close friend is grief struck after the death of her 18-year-old cat. Many people seem to be in the middle of an ocean of grief without a life-raft. Here are my suggestions for coping Coping With Grief.

Tools for Coping with Grief

letting Go CDIf you are grieving or going thorough any challenging time, I recommend the CD,Letting Go of the Past & Moving Forward.

It contains specific scripting to help shift your energy from despair to optimism - in just 3 days! Get your CD here 

Chants of a LifetimeI love to chant. I also highly recommend Krisna Das
(who wasn't moved by his concert in San Diego last May?!) 

You'll enjoy Chants of a Lifetime, book and CD. 

Mother's BlessingsAnother of my favorites is Snatam Kaur. I've mentioned her before. I love "Mother's Blessing" and "Grace".

These are my favorites. Her voice is pure balm to the soul. 

Cecelia Amazing GraceSomeone else that you should know about and  whose CD "Amazing Grace"  is totally uplifting is Cecelia.  

Caroline offers 3-Day Medical Intuitive Training
October 22 - 24 ~ Bellingham, WA
Caroline Sutherland

Join us for this once a year opportunity to study with best selling author and medical intuitive Caroline Sutherland.

This course is designed to familiarize the practitioner and the lay person with some of the ways that intuition comes to us, and to personalize these instincts to better assist ourselves, our clients and patients.

Description of the phenomenon of medical or physical-body intuition: Medical intuition is a potent form of inner wisdom that is our birthright. Intuition comes to us as inner knowing - a revelation, a gut hunch, a physical feeling, sensation or realization. Intuition is not dependent on the rational mind. Medical Intuition is not just the domain of a few gifted people. Everyone has the ability to see the body with "new eyes" - and to "feel" instinctively - what may be out of balance on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels.

Join Caroline Sutherland - one of today's most sought-after medical intuitives for this intensive three-day training as you enhance your own intuitive process and learn to trust your instincts while exploring one of the most exciting areas in alternative medicine.

Tuition includes a Medical Intuitive Reading or Recheck on Thursday
evening, 10/21. 21.5 Continuing Education Contact Hours Available for RN's and LMT's.

Lakeway Inn & Convention center

714 Lakeway Drive, Bellingham, WA
Click here for details

Angels 4 Kids

 "My little Angel Tells Me I'm Special"

If your children are grieving the loss of a pet, or a grandparent or who are

Caroline With Angel Dolls
Caroline ~ Angels 4 Kids

adjusting to change in any form, you'll want to get them their own angel pillow and CD set.

Since 1990, this unique concept created by Caroline Sutherland has helped thousands of children to feel more positive about life and themselves. Each angel set includes a story/music CD, a cuddly soft washable angel (approximately 9" across) and a bedtime story book that can be personalized for each child.

Learn more about Angles 4 Kids here.

"My Little Angel" dolls and accompanying reassurance audiotapes have helped thousands of sick, abused and traumatized children as well as normal, happy ones. Her unique therapy has provided comfort to children in Oklahoma City, Littleton Colorado, Dunblane Scotland, Make A Wish Foundation, Ronald McDonald Houses and Children's Hospitals as well as many other earthquake and disaster sites.

Place your order for the Holidays here!

Men, Money and Chocolate

Men, Money and ChocolateDo you get what you want?
Or do you get what you need?
I really enjoyed a new book by British, Hay House author Menna van Praag. This book is being used by many therapists and counselors to help people uncover blockages to manifesting what they really want. I don't usually read novels but I got a lot out of this one.
Hay House Radio Show
Haylo Health Hour
with Caroline Sutherland
 October 8, 2010, 8:00 am - 9:00 am PDT
Healthy Living and Aging with Special Guest Louise Hay
Get health tips from two of the world's top experts today! Listen in as medical intuitive Caroline Sutherland talks with Hay House founder Louise Hay about what you need to know to live a long, healthy, and vibrant life. Caroline addresses your health concerns and explains how to tune into your body to add years to your life.
Listen Here
October 25, 2010, 8:00 am - 9:00 am PDT
Boost Your Energy!
Feeling sluggish? Join medical intuitive and health educator Caroline Sutherland as she gives some tips on how to increase your energy level. Discover easy ways you can add more vitality to your life and find out what is slowing you down.
Listen Here
Haylo Health Supplements
Caroline Sutherland
Caroline Sutherland, Haylo Spokesperson

I'm pleased to announce that Louise Hay has launched
her line of supplements and I am the spokesperson!

Haylo Health

 The formulations of these supplements are perfect for everyone. These wonderfully combined supplements are targeted nutrition and customized for you. They are powerful and extremely cost-effective too.

Haylo Health

Check out your introductory special here, limited time offer on the lower right of the website so you can enjoy the tremendous benefits of these comprehensive formulas. Enjoy!

Hormone Balancing Expert

Are you having problems with hormone balancing? Are you looking for a seasoned practitioner who can assess you hormone needs and balance them correctly? I'm impressed with the work of Dr. Edward Pearson M.D. in Jupiter Florida. He is the medical doctor director of the New Medicine Foundation. His approach to hormone balancing is exactly what I am looking for in terms of hormone balancing for my clients. He is accepting male and female patients from all across the country. No office visit is required. Hormones are tested by saliva and a full medical assessment is made of the test results. If you have been looking for a knowledgeable and reliable doctor to help you with this important piece of your health puzzle, email the foundation and get started

So You Think You Can't Make a Difference? You CAN!

Torrey Brockman is glad to be running for himself instead of running from the police. Terry is a 35-year-old alcoholic and drug addict that checked into a drug rehab program and discovered "Back on My Feet" a running group for homeless people.

Back on my Feet"Back on My Feet" is the brain child of marathoner Ann Mahlum who regularly ran past a homeless shelter in Philadelphia and began talking to the guys hanging out in front. Mahlum enjoyed talking to them, because they reminded her of her father who struggled with alcohol, drug and gambling addictions. So she invited the guys to run with her and called the shelter about starting a group. "Back on My Feet" was born. The program which began 3 years ago with 600 participants is going nationwide. Mahlum says that as members complete a run they feel a sense of accomplishment. Success is rewarded with prizes, running gear medals and watches. This program is saving lives and offering hope to folks with no hope insight. This is a great story. Now what are you doing with your life?

CS Headshot Orange
Caroline Sutherland
Here's Where You Can Connect With Caroline:
"I just received your newsletter and as always, am so amazed how right to the point you are. We are certainly on the same wave-length and to me, you are so amazing the way you spell out everything that
I am just 'guessing' at! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your story about your mother. It really helped."
~ Irene, Ontario Canada

Daily Motivational Health Notes   

Cell Phone
Daily Health Notes

Are you enjoying my daily motivational health notes? You know you can receive them on your cell phone via text message for as little as 1 penny for the first month! This is one of the best ways to stay on track with your health goals ~ receive a daily motivational message. The attainment of physical health, vitality, stamina and vibrancy is not a mystery; it is there for every single person. Once you make a choice to get and stay on track, you will exceed your expectations. Allow me to help you to stay on track, every day! Click here for details.

Imagine...A Peace Gathering
Phoenix, AZ, November 4, $25
JW Marriott Resort
Kick off Event to Celebrate Your Life!
Imagine...A Peace Gathering
Imagine...A Peace Gathering

"and the world will be as one" ~ John Lennon

The Imagine Peace Gathering is a powerful evening of connection, intention-setting, music, and blessings; a profound opportunity to be the change you wish to see. Experience the exponential power and energy of 2500 people uniting to Be Peace. Humanity is waking up! A peaceful consciousness is emerging and with it the dawning of a new age. Are you ready to be a part of the shift and to make a difference? Bask in the powerful energy of Peace as we broadcast this even around the world!

For details and ticket sales, click here. Scroll to the lower right corner to register now. Seats are selling fast!

I am presenting at the Celebrate Your Life Conference ~ for details, click here.

My New Cookbook is Coming Soon!

Enjoy this lovely recipe from Louise Hay, which will be featured in my book.

Louise Hay's Roasted Vegetables

  • Roasted Vegetables - equal portions of the following
  • Celery







    Seasonings: clove, thyme, rosemary, salt, pepper

    Dab of butter or olive oil

    Assemble the vegetables in equal amounts (more or less).

    Peel vegetables and cut into small chunks. Quarter the onions and stud with cloves. Sprinkle with thyme, rosemary, salt, and pepper to taste. Place in a roasting pan. Dot with butter or olive oil (butter tastes better).

    Place in a preheated oven at 350 degrees, and just let it cook for a couple of hours until the vegetables are soft and almost caramelized.

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