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2010, March Caroline Sutherland Newsletter By: Caroline Sutherland, Medical Intuitive

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Relaxation Therapy for Children

7 Day Spring Detox Program

Dr. Doris Rapp on the Environment

Autism Puzzles & Strategies

Surviving the Loss of a Baby

Cellular Wisdom for Women

When God Spoke to Me


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Caroline With Angel Dolls

This month, the focus is on children. I feel that my greatest accomplishment in life is being a mother. I wasn't planning to be a mother but I was destined to be one. Motherhood and parenthood is a wonderful gift and now more than ever it requires our diligence and responsibility. We live in a toxic world. What can we do to protect ourselves and our children from the effects of the environment? What can we do to salve the souls of the children who are dealing with our topsy-turvy world? There is something that I created many years ago that has stood the test of time and has helped children around the world. Here's what I did.

Relaxation Therapy for Children

Blessings, Caroline



Caroline headshot Caroline Sutherland's

7 Day Detox Program

The 7 day teleconference coaching program with Caroline starts on Wednesday April 28. You'll also get check-ins every second day to monitor your progress plus free recipes and lots of great information as the week unfolds.

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"I thoroughly enjoyed the 7 Day Detox Program. I was never hungry, the recipes were delicious plus it was a great way to lose 5 pounds." Louise Hay, author of you can Heal Your Life

"Caroline's Detox program is a virtual re-set button.  I feel like I am back in balance and have more clarity and an eagerness to get on with things than I had before.  I don't feel like I want to go back to eating the same way.  I want to keep it pure and simple.  Thanks be to Caroline!"  Michele S., Los Angeles CA

This was my second detox program taken with you and, I've lost 6 lbs!! I feel so much lighter, clear headed, & fluid. My joints don't hurt & I feel more joyful!   What a lesson this has been for me. To know the simple power of food choices & how your body responds to them. Wow! Thank you for your years of knowledge & passion to help so many others with it! A beautiful, empowering GIFT!"
With love & gratefulness,
 Georgia H., Tampa FL

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What a Famous Pediatrician Says About the Environment


I'm a big fan of Dr Doris Rapp, a world Doris Rapp renowned pediatrician whose ground-breaking work in Environmental Medicine has helped thousands of families. Read what she has to say about estrogen in the environment - something that we all need to hear about.



Toronto I Can Do Ir
I Can Do It!  2010 - Toronto

May 27, 2010 - May 30, 2010
Sponsored by: Hay House
Metro Toronto Convention Centre

A Weekend Retreat for Your Soul!



Autism Puzzles and Strategies

Jenny McCarthy Autism Book Everyone is concerned about Autism. Now, one in 150 children in the United States shows some sort of Autism spectrum symptoms or behaviors. In the UK, the statistics are much higher. Here are some solutions to the autism puzzle.

Autism Puzzles and Strategies



Join Caroline on a
Mediterranean Cruise
"Wellness on Water"

Mediterranean Cruise

For details & to register, click here!



Are You Surviving the
Loss of a Baby?

I am a firm believer in the premise that life brings us what we need and the people that we need to know. Recently I met a delightful and accomplished woman Patricia McGivern when I was presenting at the Unity Church in St Petersburg, Florida.

Angel Babies As I was walking past a table, her book "Angel Babies: Messages from Miscarried and Other Lost Babies" caught my eye. I see women every year who are grieving the loss of an unborn child. Unless this wound is healed it can present itself in a myriad of health problems. Angel Babies explores spiritual communication with miscarried and early loss babies, offering awareness, hope, reassurance and comfort. This book could help someone you know who is dealing with such an incomparable loss.



Oval Photo Join Caroline

in Dallas, TX


April 23: 7-9pm
Anti-Aging Presentation


April 24: 9am-5pm
Medical Intuitive Readings for General Health Concerns


April 25: 9am - 4pm
Medical Intuition Workshop: The Body Knows ~ Develop Your Medical Intuition



Cellular Wisdom for Women
 An Inner Work Book


Cellular Wisdom for Women

Cellular Wisdom reveals how fundamental truths for living an authentic, fulfilling life are coded in the elegantly complex dance of chemical and energetic interactions within and between our cells.

Joan C. King guides women through a journey of personal dialogs to support them in their expansion of self-awareness. By sharing how to interpret the truths that our bodies teach and how to apply those understandings to the categories of our lives (physical, mental, emotional/social, and spiritual), we deepen our thinking, our considerations, and our daily choices from a position of wisdom.

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Caroline Sutherland Join Caroline
in New Orleans
April 15-18

April 15:  How to Regain Your Health & Energy at Any Age

April 17: Medical Intuitive Readings for General Health Concerns

April 18: Medical Intuition Workshop:  The Body Knows ~ Develop Your Medical Intuition



Spiritual Cinema Circle

When Your Soul Needs a Healing

Dear Movie Lover,
What do you do when the healing you require is really at the level of your own soul?We know that modern medicine can fix a broken bone, heal an infection or transplant a heart (or lung or kidney), but the healing of the soul requires insight and inspiration. Our friends at Spiritual Cinema Circle  have gathered a collection of films that each offer a glimpse into the myriad and sometimes magical ways we experience healing at the deepest level. These are films that will open your heart and lift your soul.

Your Child's Coach

Act As IF One woman's secret to winning at life is to "act as if," which transforms her from a feisty blue-collar Boston kid into Harvard's championship basketball coach. Kathy Delaney-Smith inspires on and off the court, demonstrating the power of the mind to overcome any obstacle, including her own life-threatening illness in this engaging documentary.

Thomas and the Rainbow Spiritual Cinema DVD of this film,  plus the feature film Thomas and the Rainbow starring Aidan Quinn, for just the cost of shipping ($4.95 in the U.S.). Simply click here now
Put the enlightenment back into your entertainment!



I Can Do It! San Dieego


Caroline Sutherland
How to Lose Weight and Stay Young!
Sun., May 16, 2010
10:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.
San Diego, CA

Sample an evening session, try an all-day workshop, or indulge in the entire three-day conference!


Passes start at:
$35: Thursday evening
$100: Friday all day
$50: Friday evening
$35: Saturday evening
$145: Saturday or Sunday all day
$175: Full conference

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When God Spoke to Me
by David Paul Doyle

When God Spoke to Me Parents, grandparents, aunts & uncles ~ connect to our children! Every now and then a book comes along that profoundly impacts readers to such an extent that it serves as a tipping point in the evolution of human consciousness. It brings me great joy and excitement to share such a book with you today.
Never before has a book been written that shares the true-life stories of ordinary men and women from around the world who have experienced hearing God's Voice. When God Spoke to Me: The Inspiring Stories Of Ordinary People Who Have Received Divine Guidance and Wisdom will not only move you to see life from a new perspective, it's filled with such raw and captivating authenticity and emotion that it's causing a tremendous stir amongst ministers, professors, and readers across the gamut of religious and spiritual boundaries.

When God Spoke to me to Learn More Experience It Now
When God Spoke to Me marks the beginning of a new era-an era that openly acknowledges that God speaks to all of us, in countless different ways, regardless of our personal struggles, our backgrounds, or our faith. I strongly encourage you to click one of the links on this page to learn more about this fascinating book. It promises to be one of the most inspiring, life-changing books you'll ever read.

Caroline Sutherland



 From Our Readers:

Dearest Caroline,

First, let me say that I thoroughly enjoy each and every newsletter that you send. There is so much to garner and the notes that you write always have something special in them. I love the story of the scarf.

Sincerely, Nancy




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