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2009, December Caroline Sutherland Newsletter By: Caroline Sutherland, Medical Intuitive

My Personal Christmas Message
Holiday Greetings!

From Author and Medical Intuitive Caroline Sutherland

Hello Everyone,
Greetings to you at this beautiful time of the year. At this moment I can see the magic of Christmas reflected on the faces of my grandchildren ages, 8, 7 years, 18 mos and 3 months. I am blessed.
To witness an unfolding career which is entirely supported and encouraged by many interested people, to enjoy vibrant health and vitality and to experience great love in my life is truly a life to be grateful for. There are many who do not feel so fortunate.
This year I have had the privilege of helping hundreds of people through my mini-readings programs that I have offered at several Hay House "I Can Do It" conferences. I made a decision that I would donate ALL of the proceeds of the mini-readings to Louise Hay's personal foundation - The Hay Foundation which supports many worthy causes but especially those of underprivileged women. We are all aware of the plight of women in developing countries and we also know that women are just as marginalized and traumatized here at home. I am grateful that I am NOT one of these women.
Therefore I wanted to GIVE BACK to help those less fortunate than myself. So if you are looking for a way that you can give and give back to women in your community take a look at the long list of worthy causes and organizations that the Hay Foundation supports.

And to you my dear readers, listeners, customers and clients, I send you many blessings and wonderful thoughts for this Christmas Season and the New Year to come.

Keep healthy, keep strong, keep optimistic and keep safe!

Love & Blessings

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