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2005, October Caroline Sutherland Newsletter By: Caroline Sutherland

Caroline Sutherland Newsletter


To all my wonderful clients, friends, new friends and supporters. Wow! What an amazing campaign on - I am thrilled with the response

Books have completely sold out and we are now into our third printing.

The power of the written word. The power of the people and the power of electronic connection around the world!

I woke up at 6am and my book The Body Knows Diet - Cracking the Weight Loss Code was #3400 on Two hours later it was #234. Then it moved to #191 and crept up the whole day. We finally went to bed after midnight and it had reached #13 position overall and hit #1 in the Diet and Weight Losscategory topping South Beach, Perricone and The Abs Diet! Not bad for a little kid who was born in Bonnie Scotland 61 years ago with no idea about the destiny the universe would have in store for her.

The campaign was orchestrated by Peggy McColl of www.destinies. com who has been creating these campaigns for a number of bestselling authors. We had a fabulous bonus gift offer package - 25 leaders in the field of self- help, inspiration, motivation and global transformation were behind this event - even the great admired and respected Desmond Tutu!

Orders came in from all over the world, - Canada, England, Australia, New Zealand, parts of Asia, Hawaii and all over the United States. I am deeply grateful and touched from the bottom of my heart. Many of you bought 3 and 4 books - some of you bought cases!

As we have been entering all of your email addresses into our data base so that you can receive this newsletter, a blessing of gratitude and healing went out to each one of you.

I think "The Body Knows Diet" - Cracking the Weight Loss Code is a great book, it includes a CD, at a great price plus the bonus package. How could you lose!

The book holds the keys to weight loss. In just 232 pages, in a practical easy to read format you have all the information you need to lose those extra pounds and feel fabulous!

Health and vitality are so important to me. It is my great joy to continue to be in touch with you through this newsletter and to help you to stay motivated on your path to optimum wellness.

Please note:
Statements in this newsletter have not been reviewed by the FDA. Never start or stop any treatments, programs or medications without first consulting your medical doctor.

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  • EVENT: Medical Intuitive Training
  • NEW: Online Weight-Loss Program
  • Article: H is for Hormones
  • Power Places Tours

  • EVENT: Medical Intuitive Training

    This is the only time this year that I will be offering this intensive 2 1/2 day training for a limited number of participants in beautiful Santa Barbara California - November 18 - 20. No prior experience necessary.
    CEU credits available. Check out details


    The Body Knows - Ask a Medical Intuitive

    Dear Caroline
    My 18 year old granddaughter suffers terribly from hives. At any given time, for no apparent reason, she breaks out in these huge welts. We have tried various prescription creams and anti- histamines which only give temporary relief. Do you have an answer for her?
    Mary B, Chicago Illinois

    Dear Mary,
    Your granddaughters affliction is a common one. And her doctor was probably right in prescribing anti-histamines but unless the cause or problem is alleviated at the source, as you mentioned, this will probably be a temporary solution at best.
    Hives are an allergic reaction to something in the environment - usually due to an over- loaded immune system.
    Lets look at some background triggers. Take a look at her family history  what is the relationship between her mother, father and herself? Is she disconnected from either of these 2 important people? If there has been friction or unresolved issues, this can place a burden on the immune system. Couple this with pressure to succeed or conform, a relationship problem or just a sensitive personality type, and you have the characteristic profile for hives.

    Take a look at your granddaughters sugar intake  is she filling herself up with sweets to make up for unresolved issues? A weakened immune system due to emotional issues can become very reactive to certain foods. Sugar, citrus fruits, strawberries, caffeine, chocolate and dairy products are among the worst culprits.
    I suggest that your granddaughter avoid these foods for 7 days and then add them back into the diet one by one and note the reaction.

    Natural anti-histamines and supplementation to build up the immune system are available at the health food store and audio programs like the CD Motivation and Confidence for Teenagers and Young People (available on my website) are designed to re-script the current mental programming and build self-esteem.

    But the key issue behind hives or any skin reaction  eczema, psoriasis, rosacea is anger  unexpressed anger at the current situation she finds herself in. Look for ways to help your granddaughter express how she is feeling inside.
    Counseling can be useful as well as creative outlets such as sports, dance and of course the wise guidance of a loving grandmother.

    Caroline Sutherland has been a medical intuitive for over 20 years. Her popular book, The Body Knows  how to tune in to your body and improve your health www.hayhouse .com shows us how to implement the intuitive process for ourselves. Visit online at


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    NEW: Online Weight-Loss Program

    Now that you have "The Body Knows Diet" book, why not sign up for my online weight loss program.
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    Please note: Due to postage restrictions, drops and yeast suppression supplements can only be shipped to a US address.

    Article: H is for Hormones

    One of the most important components of any successful weight loss program and well-being in general, is the delicate issue of hormone balancing  usually missing or rarely discussed in any popular diet book. If those hormones are not balanced, then you will not lose weight or you might lose weight initially and then weight loss will stop  youll plateau.

    Because of working in allergy clinics with thousands of patients over the years, I have developed an intuitive sense about people and their weight issues or health problems. When I look into a physical body, I see the body in terms of the systems that are out of balance. One of the most common imbalanced systems is the endocrine system. Overweight people almost always have hormone imbalances.
    All too often, people can blame themselves, their emotional issues, and past experiences when in my opinion, much of their mental anguish can stem from endocrine imbalances which when identified, can be corrected. In terms of weight gain, hormone imbalances can contribute to overeating and that never satisfied feeling.

    In my own life as a menopausal woman, I know that my emotional well-being and maintaining my ideal weight has been greatly enhanced by the addition of bio-identical hormone balancing. Most people think that their hormones are located in their pelvis but did you know that the master endocrine glands are actually located in the head!

    For instance, the hypothalamus is an important endocrine gland that governs appetite, emotion, memory and hormone balance. The pineal gland responds to light and endocrine balance and the pituitary gland relates to growth. The thyroid gland located in the base of the neck regulates mood, temperature and weight control as well as effecting elimination! Many people suffer from what is known as sub-clinical low thyroid - thyroid function which is just above the low end of the normal range.
    The thyroid gland at the base of the neck is involved in maintaining body weight balance, body temperature, energy and well-being. It is very often out of balance. Some doctors say that low thyroid is in epidemic proportions in this country. A medical test may not always detect a low thyroid. People with low thyroid often have difficulty losing weight. For example, I believe that this has been the case over the years in popular TV personality, Oprah Winfreys weight loss challenges just like many of her African- American counterparts. As well, Hispanic, Asian, Eastern European and Indian people can often share this same problems.
    The use of certain herbs, botanicals, glandular materials, or synthetic thyroid medication will help this important gland to function correctly. For many people, it is as if the lights go on and the after-burners for energy and weight loss go up after the thyroid is balanced.

    Insulin is another important hormone. Insulin, secreted by the pancreas is responsible for blood sugar regulation. Lowering carbohydrates can help balance insulin levels thus contributing to improved hormone function. Cholesterol is another important component in the hormone balance equation. Many people with the best of intentions greatly reduce fats in the diet often effecting vital hormone function.

    Men and women also suffer from low testosterone levels. Again, appropriate hormone balance will assist men and women (we all produce testosterone) in regaining energy, well- being and libido. Seek help from a physician or well-respected practitioner in your community with bio-identical or natural hormone balancing. Stress can affect hormones. Constant stress and low blood sugar (hypoglycemia) can affect the stress hormones  adrenaline and cortisol. Too much cortisol from stress and too much insulin in the blood affect adrenal function creating fatigue, irritability and weight gain. High cortisol levels can create excess weight around the waist and low cortisol levels could mean that it is impossible for the person to lose that weight. This can also contribute to adrenal exhaustion.
    If a person is trying to lose weight and they are following all of the appropriate guidelines of food allergies, limiting carbohydrate grams, exercising daily etc., and they have reached a plateau in their quest for the ideal body weight, it usually points to a hormone imbalance. In my seminars we discuss the importance of hormones and I try to steer people to the appropriate professionals to help them. It takes a medical doctor, practitioner or person with a great deal more knowledge than I have in this regard to assist them. However, there are naturally based supplements as well as prescription medications available, which can help. When it comes to hormones and weight gain, please dont blame yourself for your attitudes, history or emotional states but seek help from a competent practitioner.

    Menopause is a time when we have a tendency to put on weight and this can be so frustrating especially when many of us are not over eating! During the pre (before), peri (in the middle of), or post (after) menopausal years, there are changes taking place in the body that we need to be aware of.

    The endocrine system, comprised of the pineal, hypothalamus, pituitary, thyroid, parathyroid and adrenal glands, and reproductive organs are changing and slowing down. As well we are dealing with fluctuating estrogen and progesterone levels. Even though we may be missing body parts related to the reproductive system, the endocrine glands are still functioning, albeit not the way they were in our 30s and early 40s. Our desire as we age is to encourage these glands to function optimally. This can be accomplished with diet, nutritional supplements and hormone compounds both natural and synthesized. This is a delicate balance but with expert help, it can be achieved. Our well-being depends on it.

    Weight gain in menopausal women can also be related to high estrogen levels and creates that ubiquitous band of estrogen-dominant fat which builds up around our middle.

    A very important element of menopause is seeking perfect endocrine balance. What you seek is to feel good emotionally and physically - calm, stable, and balanced with a great sense of well-being, boundless energy, libido, and zest for life. This is possible. Fortunately, there are many medical doctors, practitioners, and experts whose life work and expertise lies in balancing hormones. Do not rest until you find someone who can assist you in this area.

    Hormones are not all created equal. There is no one size fits all where hormones are concerned.
    Hormones that are chemically similar to those found in the human body are called natural or bio-identical. Plant based or herbal formulas can be used to balance hormones. Synthetic hormones are manufactured with a chemical make-up that is not found in the human body but mimics some of the bodys natural hormonal activity. Your symptoms, the way you feel and your blood tests will determine the appropriate strategies used by your medical doctor or practitioner.

    The menopausal woman is constantly changing on an endocrine level. Unless hormones are balanced, carbohydrate grams counted and an exercise plan is instituted, you will probably continue to have a battle with weight. Because your cycles and symptoms are always changing, you should be working with your practitioner on a regular basis, throughout your life to achieve hormone balance. The purchase of specific hormone compounds costs money. I consider it a necessity  just like all my other household expenditures  Im happy to pay the price for the way I feel.

    Yes, hormones need to be balanced  even into our 80s!

    I would like to recommend an excellent book: Safe Estrogen By Dr. Edward Conley a medical doctor in Flint Michigan www.safeestrog whose well-researched book sheds important light on the benefits of estrogen without side effects.

    Power Places Tours

    Power Places Tours has invited me to host 2 tours with them in June, 2006.
    For the past 25 years, Power Places Tours has been a leader in spirit-centered travel.
    We will spend a week at "the queen of spas" in Baden Baden Germany and another week in France at Rennes Le Chateau - site of the Holy Grail mysteries.
    There will be plenty of time for relaxation, sight-seeing, an in depth look at the history of the region as well as study in the fascinating world of medical intuition.

    The Body Knows Diet Book

    The Body Knows Diet: Cracking the Weight Loss Code
    By Caroline Sutherland

    Despite what the American diet industry tells us and what millions of people have experienced, weight loss is not a mystery.
    Have you ever wondered why celebrities like Oprah Winfrey, Rosie O'Donnell, Wynonna Judd, Al Roker and others gain weight?
    Do you know why popular diet books miss important information? Then this is the book for you!
    "The Body Knows Diet - Cracking the Weight Loss Code",
    dispels the myths surrounding the diet industry and brings you the five vital components of successful weight loss in an easy-to-follow formula.

    "I have lost 50 pounds on Caroline Sutherland's "The Body Knows Diet" program. I walk 2 miles each day and my doctor says that my blood sugar, cholesterol and heart function are "beyond perfect. Thank-you Caroline" Cheryl Beckman, Warren Michigan

    "The Body Knows Diet - cracking the weight-loss code" will show you how easy it is to lose weight without dieting, calorie counting, measuring, starving or bending yourself into a pretzel at the gym!
    Are you frustrated with the weight loss game?
    Have you dieted and lost and dieted again - so many times only to give up in despair?

    Then it is time to: Learn the five components of safe, effortless weight loss; understand the keys to hormone balancing; find out how to stop cravings; prevent fluid retention and much more in this informative ground breaking book.
    In this book, Caroline Sutherland shares her pearls of wisdom and years of experience helping thousands of people to lose weight effectively.

    Cost: $16.95 with companion CD

    5 -1/2" x 8-1/2" approx. 232 pages ISBN 0-9683866-1-X
    Order the book and CD set through
    or Atlas

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