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2009, April Caroline Sutherland Newsletter By: Caroline Sutherland, Medical Intuitive

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Soy - Not So Miracle Food
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Dear Caroline,

Life is fragile.
Last week a young woman who is well known to our family was brutally murdered in a local park. This was a shock to the entire community and a cause for us all to reflect on the preciousness of life. Life is fragile. Life is short.

Reach out to those you love, tell them again how much they mean to you. Think: If this was this person's last day on earth - how could I make it special?

Last weekend I spoke at the Soul Power Conference. Brock Tully, one of my favorite speakers, discussed living from the heart and making the interactions that we have with others special and meaningful. Brock's latest "Kindness Project" is a cycling from coast focusing on kindness and meaning in life.


Soy - The Not So Miracle Food

Caroline SutherlandSo many people are wondering, "Is soy healing, harmful or both?"
According to researchers Sally Fallon and Mary G. Enig, PhD, "Only a few decades ago, the soybean was considered unfit to eat - even in Asia."
If we believe the people who are enthusiastically marketing soy products, it is a miracle food. However, any food that is powerful enough to heal is also powerful enough to cause disease. We've heard more than enough claims for how soy can prevent disease, but are these claims proven? Many health experts are warning us to look at the other side of the soy story.

Caroline Sutherland ~ Soy

What's Going On?

Maya White
If you're feeling down, frustrated or helpless these days - you might look and see how the planets are lining up. My friend Maya White and newly minted Hay House author has a very good monthly astrology column which could offer insight in to "what's going on!"

Caroline's Upcoming Events!

Readings & Seminar - Vancouver - April 16

7 Day Detox Program - April 22

Nutrition & Intuition - Kelowna - April 24

Medical Intuitive Readings - Kelowna - April 25

I Can Do It! San Diego - May 1 - 3
I Can Do It

Readings & Seminar, Mesa, AZ - May 13

The Awakening Conference, Mesa, AZ - May 15
The Awakening Conference

Creativity Meets Destiny, Unity of New York, New York City - Unity -  May 24
Unity of New York

How to Stay Healthy During Stressful Times - INATS, Denver - June 27

Seeing Into the Body: Medical Intuitive Training, Lily Dale New York - August 14 - 16

More on Caroline Sutherland's Events!

Caroline Recommends

The Pharaohs Code Last year I was interviewed by Mohamed Tohami, a bright young Egyptian man who is well known for his in-depth interviews with experts on the field of medicine, science and personal development.

In his new book, "The Pharaohs' Code" Mohamed reveals powerful secrets of the Pharaohs that will inspire you to find depth and meaning in your life,

Mohamed's experience in the Pyramid of Khufu, also called the Great Pyramid of Giza - the most magnificent and only remaining monument of the 7 Wonders Of The World, was transformational. You can almost smell the mystery and magic as you read how Mohamed entered the narrow passageway between huge stone blocks leading to the chamber of the King Khufu, a huge room at the exact center of the pyramid.
There he felt the Pharaohs give him universal messages that he describes in The Pharaoh's Code.
When you buy this book today, you'll receive an array of bonus gifts. Plus if you are planning a trip to Egypt, you could win a personally escorted trip to the Great Pyramid of Giza with Mohamed Tohami followed by lunch on the Nile!


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