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2009, March Caroline Sutherland Newsletter By: Caroline Sutherland, Medical Intuitive

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The Ten Secrets of Vibrant Aging
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Be Creative - Write!

Last week I turned 65. I share a March 8 Birthday with Lynn Redgrave, Julian Kenyon and other famous people. My Birthday also falls on  "International Women's Day." Chronologically I am an "Old Age Pensioner" but realistically I feel like a "Spring Chicken." Aging well is an art. Creativity is a key component to living well. Today I would like to entertain you with a little background about how I became a writer.

I stay aware of the "flow of the universe"...

The Ten Secrets of Vibrant Aging
Caroline and Gary in France
Everyone wants to live a fulfilling life. Our purpose is to be all that we were intended to be and to reach our full potential.

Here are my 10 Healthy-Aging Secrets
Caroline's Upcoming Events!

"The Gift of Medical Intuition," Cochrane Alberta  - March 27 - 28

Soul Power Conference, Vancouver BC - April 3 - 4

Readings & Seminar - Vancouver - April 16

7 Day Detox Program - April 22

I Can Do It! San Diego - May 1 - 3
I Can Do It

Readings & Seminar, Mesa, AZ - May 13
The Awakening Conference, Mesa, AZ - May 15
The Awakening Conference

Creativity Meets Destiny, Unity of New York, New York City - Unity -  May 24
Unity of New York

Seeing Into the Body: Medical Intuitive Training, Lily Dale New York - August 14 - 16

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