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2008, August Caroline Sutherland Newsletter By: Caroline Sutherland, Medical Intuitive

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August 2008 Newsletter


Hello Everyone!

I hope that you have been enjoying a little bit of relaxation time this summer. I have been swimming in the ocean and beautiful Lake Whatcom, boating and spending some time with my grandchildren - especially little 2 month old Liam. When we spend time in nature and get away from our routine we are open to inspiration. Take a look at my article on channeling - divine inspiration and the work of Ester Hicks the pure channel for the Abraham material.

A few weeks ago I had the honor of doing a segment on ABC's North West Afternoon in Seattle. Several of my clients attended the taping and I'd like to introduce them to you. Regardless of where you are, I guarantee the person next to you has an interesting life. Take the opportunity to find out what they are doing.

Now is the time to sign up for I CAN DO IT! In Tampa Florida. I will be joining all your favorite authors for 3 wonderful days full of inspiration and spiritual nourishment.

For those of you who are reading my newsletter for the first time - welcome! This is where healing and health information meet.

TELESEMINARS continue every Monday night at 5:30pm PT/8:30 ET.
Teleseminars are a great way to meet interesting guests and get the latest information on hormone balancing, alternative cancer treatments, medical intuition, diet and nutrition. I'll be answering your questions and doing spot readings too.
Register here.

Enjoy the last few days of August - soon we'll all be back into our fall routines.
Blessings, Caroline

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A Health Challenge Success Story

Dear Caroline,
I am writing to thank you! A while back we spoke on the telephone, I had written to you about my husband who is a Critical Care Nurse and who had high cholesterol and mild depression.
You were so sweet to me and recommended nutritional arterial cleansing and some drops for hormone balancing.
I am very happy to report that we had his cholesterol tested yesterday and for the first time since we met almost 8 years ago his levels are low and normal.
I am thrilled. Of course, he was skeptical throughout but I kept re- assuring him to continue.

I met you in a Seminar in Boca Raton, FL and you gave me a reading and you were "on the nose" about so many things. The first was the milk allergy I never knew I had. When I discontinued all the milk products my allergies went away (I never had to take allergy medication again) and my lymph nodes shrank. I realize that I was killing myself slowly with three glasses of milk a day plus other dairy products.
I switched to an alternative milk and it made all the difference in the world.

The second thing was my thyroid which you intuitively felt was a little under active and I started taking a daily supplement to support my thyroid and I lost the 13 pounds which I could not take off with any diet.
I also followed the food plan in your book and eliminated certain foods which also helped.

I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the good you've done for us. May God bless you always and the wonderful gift he has given you so that you can continue helping others the way you helped us.
Warmest Regards,
Elizabeth G. Boca Raton Florida

To schedule a reading call 800-575-6185 or visit online at

Caroline's Fall Schedule

BELLINGHAM, WA - September 9 & 10
ENCINITAS, CA - September 18
SAN DIEGO, CA - September 19 - 20
VANCOUVER, CANADA - September 23 - 25
TAMPA, FL - I Can Do It! - October 3 - 5
DELRAY BEACH, FL - October 8 & 9
NEW YORK CITY - October 16 - 18
CALGARY, ALBERTA - November 1 - 2
PORTLAND, OR - November 14 - 16
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Channeling the Divine

You may have heard or be be interested in the subject of channeling. This word is associated with the "new age." Really channeling is just another word for creating or speaking from an inspired place. A pure channel is someone who speaks for writes from that inspired place - as if they are a mouth piece for God or the Divine.

There are many people who call themselves channels but not all channels are created equal. Your goal is to channel your "high self' or divine self - the pure voice of your soul.

If you are interested in channeled material you want to know that the person who is bringing forth this inspired work or words is a PURE channel. As a medical intuitive with the gift of insight in to the body and its processes, I too work from an inspired or guided place. I guess you could consider me a chanel for medical or health information. But you too are channels. The words from the famous prayer by St Francis of Assisi sums it up: "Let Me Be a Channel of Thy Peace." This is what each of us are called to do - to be a channel of peace and love where ever we are.

With this in mind, you might be interested in the work of Esther Hicks, who for many years has channeled the fascinating material called Abraham - Esther is a pure channel.

If you've ever watched Esther Hicks, she stays quiet and receptive and then the presence called Abraham starts to speak through her. This material is of the purest and wisest content. As you listen to the Abraham material, it just feels right - true and from a pure source.

Ester Hicks has a new book out on money and wealth called
Money and the Law of Attraction
and if you are like a lot of people on a spiritual path, money and wealth can be illusive.
Abraham sets us straight on how to manifest money, wealth and abundance and how we can deliberately align with the most powerful law in the universe to attract the wealth, health and happiness that we desire!

So how did we get into so much trouble with our money? We didn't realize how powerful our thoughts are!

It's time to change all that. Take a look at the new book by Esther and Jerry Hicks and decide for yourself that it's time to change your thoughts about money, success and abundance.

As you tune in spiritually, your creative gifts or the gifts of the soul will be channeled through you. Open up to them.

My Favorite Summer Read

Every summer I love to burrow into a good book. I like to choose a biography - a true story. That's where I get my inspiration.
In an airport bookshop this spring I spied "Beatrix Potter - A Life in Nature" on the shelf. I finally cracked open the book, sitting by the fire at the cottage this summer and I didn't want it to end.

I was raised in a British household. Beatrix Potter books were THE children's books of the time and we had the full collection. I grew up with Mrs Tiggy Winkle, Benjamin Bunny, Piggling Bland and all the rest. Each illustration of little field mice in clothes or ducks in kerchiefs darting across a meadow instilled a feeling of enchantment for the lives of nature's creatures.

Beatrix Potter was a real person and if you'd like to know a little more about her you would enjoy the movie "Miss" Potter starring Rene Zellwegger .

Beatrix Potter had a difficult life, she endured loss, lonliness and lack of validation by her parents but she was far ahead of her time. How many of us can say the same thing!
But regardless of the conventions of the times and the restrictions put on a young artistic girl, she followed her heart, refused to bow to convention and danced to the beat of her own drum throughout her life.

She was very successful. Her children's books live on to this day - my grand children love them!

Beatrix Potter - A Life in Nature by Linda Lear gives us a look at a woman who gave us some of the most beloved children's books of all time. As a visionary landowner, successful farmer and sheep breeder she was able to preserve the landscape that inspired her art. Her story is an example of doing what you are called to do.

Take a look at

My Favorite Summer Movie

If your looking for a toe tapping, foot stomping movie - go and see Mama Mia.
Last week, Gary and I saw "Mama Mia" at our local theater - and we loved it.
For those who are of a 'certain age' and enjoy/ed the music of Abba, it is a treat! The movie stars Meryl Streep and Pierce Brosnan, who both sing and dance!
The story is light- hearted fun set in Greece and the settings are spectacular.

The story is full of Abba music set to a love story and is sung by the performers but has nothing to do with the musical group.
However, the Abba Gold album, issued in 1992 is the number one selling album in Britain, the oldest recording to achieve that goal!
I have the "Abba's Greatest Hits" CD in my car. When I need a pick me up - that's what I play and sing as I go down the freeway.

People Doing Good Things in Seattle

A few weeks ago I joined several of my clients for a taping on KOMO TV. I love doing TV shows and I love my clients who often as not become my friends. I am interested in their lives and their creative endeavors. Let me introduce 3 innovative women to you.

Suzanne Kincaid founder of Suzanne has created an innovative program which offers financial freedom on $1.per day and she has become very successful at it. She is also a great networker and is involved in many projects in the Seattle area.

Sue Kolesar is featured on my weight Loss DVD. She has followed my program and has not only lost weight but now, because of following some of my suggestions, she enjoys clear skin after a lifetime of skin problems. Sue makes beautiful handcrafted jewelry and will create a special piece to match an outfit that you have. She is also working on a book and a program to teach "Tongue Diagnosis." As you know according to Chinese medicine, the tongue reveals many imbalances in the body. We look forward to seeing the new book soon. You can contact Sue at

Rebecca Leamon is a registered nurse and an intuitive seer. She too works as a pure channel, tapping into the divine to see belief patterns in her clients that are in conflict and are ready to heal. Rebecca has beautiful pure energy. In my earlier article I mention pure energy. When you are working with any sort of counselor, you are looking for someone with this sort of pure energy - not cluttered, muddy or psychic energy. There is a difference. The mark of someone with this pure energy is that they have done their own emotional work. They are pure and emotionally uncluttered, ego-less and the information that they are working with is more than likely to be accurate.
Rebecca works out of Stone House books in Kirkland Washington. Email Rebecca at imcreative



Please note:
Statements in this newsletter have not been reviewed by the FDA. Never start or stop any treatments, programs or medications without first consulting your medical doctor.

Medical Intuitive Training Coming Up
~ Get the Early Bird Special

The Body Knows


People always ask me, "Caroline how can I learn to do what you do?" Well now's your opportunity. Once a year I offer a training in medical intuition - the way I tune in to the body. Would you like to learn how to tune into yourself and others? My Medical Intuitive Training takes place for three full days -October 24 - 26 in Bellingham Washington, a beautiful city 1 1/2 hours North of Seattle and 1 1/2 hours South of Vancouver B.C. Canada.

Call 800-575-6185 to register.

Come and learn how to develop this gift. Find out how to hone your own intuitive skills and "see" into the body. This training is not the domain of a few gifted people. It offers valuable information and techniques for the lay person and professional.
Again this year I am delighted to have Dr. Wayne Topping, author, lecturer and master kinesiologist, and my husband Gary Leikas R.N., OCN, BSN to co-present with me.

Dr.Topping will teach the class on September 26th and he is a Touch for Health Faculty Member, Biokinesiologist and Founder of Wellness Kinesiology. He teaches in 22 countries and has an extensive international following. No wonder people fly in from all over the world to access his wealth of knowledge. His techniques for tapping in to the body's wisdom are very impressive. You may be interested in Wayne's post-conference classes offered in Bellingham October 27, 28 and 29. He also offers CE Hours for RN's and LMT's. visit for details.

During the training, participants will spend 3 days tuning into the body and exploring the exciting world of medical intuition. As well, each participant will receive a medical intuitive reading or recheck which is included in the registration fee.

Call 800-575-6185 to register.
Cost: $475. before September 1st.
21 CE hours for LMT"s and RN's are available with an optional 2.5 CE Hours for the Friday evening event.

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