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2008, February Caroline Sutherland Newsletter By: Caroline Sutherland, Medical Intuitive

February 2008 Newsletter

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Hello Everyone!

February is the month of love, loving ourselves and loving others. The law of attraction is at work in matters of love. Have you noticed that we seem to attract love into our lives in direct relationship to the amount of love and respect we have for ourselves.

Take a look at my article below about an important element of self care - MERCURY AMALGAM REMOVAL and a great story about a serendipitous connection.
We have 2 Anti-Aging events coming up in March. I'm excited to be part of the healthy-aging movement. Both of these 3 day events feature an array of anti-aging experts plus a medical intuitive reading and action- packed seminar. Take a look at the schedule below.
My popular TELESEMINARS continue on Monday nights at 5:30pm PT/8:30 ET.
Meet interesting guests and get the latest information on hormone balancing, alternative cancer treatments, medical intuition, diet and nutrition. I'll be answering your questions and doing spot readings too.
PLEASE NOTE: The teleseminar phone number has changed to: 712-338-8000 PIN 5235#.Register here.

Health and vitality are so important to me. My newsletter is an important way for us to stay connected. It is my great joy to continue to be in touch with you through this newsletter and to help you to stay motivated on your path to optimum wellness.

I also want to let you know that when I mention a product or service, I am only doing it to tell you about something that I think is worthwhile. I do not have any financial affiliations with any of the services or products I recommend.
Blessings, Caroline

In this issue

· Attract Love - Let Go Of the Past

· Caroline's Spring Schedule

· Mercury Amalgam Removal - Protocol

· A Serendipitous Meeting

· A Courageous and Gifted Singer

· Hearts, Flowers and a Whole Lot of Tranquility

· There's Nothing Wrong With You

· Cards to Celebrate the Goddess in You

Caroline's Spring Schedule

Lahaina Mauii - February 19 &20
Encinitas CA - March 4
Los Angeles CA - March 5 - 9
Scottsdale AZ - March 27 - 30
Seattle WA - April 12
Fort McMurray Alberta - April 15 - 17
Omaha Nebraska - April 26 - 29

Mercury Amalgam Removal - Protocol

Mercury amalgam removal is one of the procedures that I recommend to people as part of a wellness program. The timing of this sort of dental work is very individual. It depends on what you can afford and how far you are willing to go to be completely well. I had all of my amalgams removed 25 years ago. Fortunately I only had 6 black fillings in my mouth but having just heard Dr. Hal Huggins D.D.S., give a speech, I was determined to be mercury free. He's the author of It's All In Your head - the link between mercury amalgams and illness.Many years ago, Dr. Huggins discovered that dental toxicity due to mercury in amalgam fillings was the cause of many of these unexplained diseases and symptoms.

When I was an allergy-testing technician in a clinic devoted to Environmental Medicine, every patient was tested for mercury toxicity. Many people were toxic with no symptoms and others were suffering from neurological difficulties, pain or muscle weakness among other symptoms which may or may not have been related to mercury toxicity.
Each person made the choice for themselves and if they could afford it, they were referred to a biological dentist. In most cases patients felt a difference in their health once their amalgams were removed.
Because you are interested in the procedure, I suggest that you do your research, choose your dentist wisely and support your body in the process. I recommend doing a course of oral chelation (high powered nutrients and B vitamins that support the immune system and help to remove heavy metal toxicity).
Remove amalgams one quadrant at a time with a six month break in between. Because each tooth is linked on an acupuncture meridian to an organ or a system, organs can be affected as a result of tooth disturbance.
After each quadrant of amalgam is removed, take a homeopathic mercury remedy such as Mercurious Solubilis D 30 potency - 3 pellets, under the tongue, once a day to help detoxify mercury at a cellular level. I also recommend homeopathic Detox Drops. Liver support can also be useful.
Drink plenty of water and take vitamin C.
Cleaning the body on all levels is a worthwhile process. This is just part of being a good shepherd of the temple you've been given.

If you would like a reliable and reasonably priced dentist who can do mercury amalgam removal please call Marvin Marston in Bellingham WA 360-734- 6190

To purchase Detox Drops and Mercurious Solubilis Pellets order online at

A Serendipitous Meeting

Several years ago, I did a presentation in Reno Nevada. I took a cab from the hotel to the bookstore and noticed that the cab driver whose name was Tim was wearing a neat pair of sunglasses. He was delighted to show me the sunglasses and told me that they were his own design. He was looking for a manufacturing connection for his wraparound glasses. As I sat in the cab I realized that I just happened to have a client who was a wholesaler in the eyeglass wear industry and so I passed on the connection. It turned out that things did not work with that connection but it gave him more experience and ideas about just going ahead and manufacturing the glasses himself. Tim and I have kept in touch over the years. The last time I was in Reno, he picked me up at the airport and we went out for dinner. I am inspired by his creativity and perseverance with his project. You never know when an angel or a connection will show up in your life. Be ready! Take a look at the genius Tim's fun and racy sunglasses and buy a pair for yourself or a friend.

A Courageous and Gifted Singer

I have such great clients. All of them are so creative. I am especially inspired by the lovely Denise Platte from San Diego CA and her new CD Perfectly You which describes what we all need to feel about ourselves. Even though we might have a few imperfections, we are indeed perfect. Stories like Denise's inspire me. Read this.

"I was 9 years old when they discovered my hearing loss. It was the first year they had audiometric testing is school. Up to that point I no one suspected because I was so musical, did well and school, and was extremely social. They thought I was just a cute little girl with a lisp and who sometimes didn't respond when she was called on. The truth was, however, that I had a severe high frequency bilateral nerve loss. They were not sure if I was born with it OR if I had a virus as small child etc. I feel something happened to me as a small child. I feel that I sustained a head injury.

I never let it stop me from doing anything. Hearing aids never worked for me. By lip reading and maximizing the hearing I do have, I was able to excel in the hearing world. I had a successful career as a Marriage and Family Counselor, I am real estate licensed, and have received a lot of recognition for my work, before I had some health problems.
My health problems brought me back to my music after several years. I wrote the song "Perfectly You" at the lowest point in my life, when I lost someone I deeply loved and was struggling to get healthy again after several years of prolonged stress. I began singing at a few fund raisers, and the response from people was tremendous. A record company happened to hear the song and wanted to buy it and put it on a CD. A radio talk show that focuses on a lot of the troops wanted to play it on their show as well. I really did nothing. I know it was all God. Things just happened and I sat back and watched for the most part. To me, it was God's way of telling me "I know things are awful for you right now, but I'm still here right beside you, take a look what I can do when you put all of your faith in me".

Perfectly You

Hearts, Flowers and a Whole Lot of Tranquility

Take a look at Lydia Belton-Alabastro and Dr. Glenn Alabastro's new website and discover all about love - love for yourself. Investigate the site and look for date therapy and check out the waterfall selection in the body-mind-spirit selection. All to be found on

There's Nothing Wrong With You

Best selling author Robin Rice has produced this not-to-be-missed 9 minute video. This is one of the most poignant and beautiful videos I have seen. It hits a cord and brings us back to our perfect selves. Watch

Robin Rice's novel "Venus For A Day" offers deep healing to women with body issues. It is free online at www.BeWhoYou until February 20th.

Thank you Robin for the fine contribution you are making to the world.

Cards to Celebrate the Goddess in You

I'm always looking for great cards. These are very fun, creative and very special. Celebrate the goddess in you and every woman you know. This wonderful card line is created by master artist and children's book author and illustrator Anne Baird. Baird's whimsical cards feature "real size" women and depict healthy body images. Terrific all occasion cards too!



Please note:
Statements in this newsletter have not been reviewed by the FDA. Never start or stop any treatments, programs or medications without first consulting your medical doctor.

Attract Love - Let Go Of the Past

letting Go CD

Are you still hurting from a past relationship? Are you having trouble letting go and moving forward?
It's time to release the past, let go of the hurt and move forward. In order to attract love, we need to let go of what inhabits the heart and no longer serves us.
Remember: Your future is bright and it awaits you.

My CD Letting Go Of The Past & Moving Forward is my top selling CD. It has helped thousands of people move forward from loss, grief, hurt, and pain of all kinds. it has helped people to overcome addictions and habits that hold them back from the love and the life that they envision.

Give it a try.
I guarantee that in just 3 nights of listening, you will feel lighter and you will know that letting go and moving forward is possible.

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