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2005, August Caroline Sutherland's Newsletter By: Caroline Sutherland

Caroline Sutherland Newsletter


Hello Everyone,
I hope you are having a wonderful summer and getting some "down time." My staff and I have been working on the publicity for my new book and things are getting very exciting. I have also been enjoying boating, swimming in the ocean and spending time with my grandchildren Pasley Jane and Jack.
I never understood what the fuss about being a grandparent was all about until these wee ones came along - what a joy!
Families are important. We all need to place a huge focus on our health so that we can be good role models for our children and be healthy and alert as we participate in our grandchildren's lives.
This newsletter includes more information about my new book, an interesting article about the "war on cancer?" and a Q & A column which relates to a very common problem.
I love to hear feedback and comments. Please let me know how you are doing on your program, share any recipe ideas, send a testimonial or ask a question.

Health and vitality are so important to me. It is my great joy to continue to be in touch with you and to help you to stay motivated on your path to optimum wellness.

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  • The War on Cancer
  • NEW: Online Weight-Loss Program
  • Dates Ahead 2005- 2006

  • The War on Cancer

    The War on Cancer?

    If youre like me you find it interesting to hear what the authorities are saying about cancer, Alzheimers disease, diabetes and other serious illnesses. I like to find the kernel or thread of truth in their discussions.

    For many years, I have had an intuitive sense that much of the information we are being fed is far from the truth and the whole war on cancer campaign is missing the mark. Case in point: did anyone watch the special, Cancer  Taming the Beast that aired on CNN a couple of nights ago?
    Specials on cancer are not something I generally watch on television. Something drew me to this program and I was watching closely for a thread of truth in the hour- long special.
    The program focused on the huge Houston-based cancer facility, M.D. Anderson. Thousands of people come to this center each day which is described as a mini city by one of its directors. The treatments of several patients were followed during the program.
    One young, mid- forties woman had recently been diagnosed with breast cancer  she was on her way to her chemotherapy session but stopped at the Starbucks kiosk in the hospital to pick up her favorite java jolt. From my clinical experience, caffeine has an effect on the lymph.
    Wouldnt someone have suggested that this patient take a look at her caffeine intake? We know that caffeine has an effect on the lymphatic system when we are instructed to eliminate caffeine for 24 hours before having a mammogram.
    The lymphatic system is an integral part of breast tissue. Why wouldnt this woman give herself a better chance of surviving cancer if she just took a look at the poison she was ingesting on a daily basis?
    Several other patients were filmed. One elderly gentleman had beaten the odds with lung cancer and was continuing to live past his expected demise because of several life saving drugs. He was on his third type of medication and if his condition was not responsive to the new drug, another would be found albeit for $650.00 per month!
    There are many new types of therapy for cancer. Researchers are working night and day to develop new drugs. Did you know that there are over 600 different drugs in circulation for cancer and approximately 200 in the developmental stages?

    My husband Gary Leikas is an oncology nurse. He works with cancer patients every day. He often comments that the disease doesnt kill people as much as some of the treatments do. I look at his cancer journals and all the articles that seem to talk in circles. Round and round and no one seems to be getting at the truth. These journals are sponsored by drug companies. Money and power can often keep the truth from us until we find it out for ourselves.

    In my opinion, the war on cancer will never be won with drugs and surgery. Far be it for me to predict the outcome or the mystery of cancer or any other illness but it seems to me that the war on cancer is really one that is waged within. We stay in situations that are intolerable to us and this lack of ease in the body leads to disease. We have very unhealthy eating habits, stressful lives, unhealed emotions and too many exposures to chemicals. We need to return to balance, an appreciation of our lives, joy in the simple things and in one another. Taming the beast refers to the beast that needs to be tamed within  to calm down, relax and to tame the thoughts that can lead us like a wild horse in so many directions.

    There are many new bio-therapies coming on stream. We can be thankful and grateful for new and possibly life-saving therapies. Im a medical doctors daughter - drugs and surgery most certainly have their place.

    In one type of therapy, a group of cancer cells are extracted from the patient, cultured and introduced back into the patients body. If all goes well, the body recognizes them as foreign invaders and attacks these unhealthy cells. Other types of therapies that use drugs or other substances to identify and attack specific cancer cells without harming normal cells are in use and are continuing to be developed in concurrence with medicines increasing knowledge of genetics. While these biotherapies and molecularly targeted therapies are cutting edge, they may not prolong life significantly enough to warrant the huge expense sometimes up to $250,000.00 per patient not to mention the side effects.

    Take a look at The Townsend Letter  a journal for doctors and patients that is an excellent examiner of medical alternatives. There is an interesting article about the efficacy and cost of many of these new treatments. In the August/September 2005 issue, Dr. Ralph Moss in his article entitled The War on Cancer describes a meeting of The Society of Clinical Oncology, where 25,000 oncologists converge to discuss the progress that is made in the treatment of cancer.

    Many years ago, a naturopathic physician for whom I worked as an allergy-testing technician, taught me this important phrase In this clinic, we do not label disease.
    Cancer is an indication that the body is out of balance and we need to implement several strategies to bring the body back into balance. So when you look at all the fun runs, the ribbons, the fund raisers and the walks for cancer, remember that the money that is being raised goes right into the pockets of the drug companies.

    Why arent we spending money on prevention and alternative and less invasive cancer treatments? For my thoughts on cancer, take a look at my website and click on resources.


    Column: The Body Knows - Ask a Medical Intuitive

    Dear Caroline
    I am 58 years old, overall in good health but my hair is falling out. Can a medical intuitive help me with this? Joan P. Twin Falls, ID

    Dear Joan,
    As a menopausal woman, there are a number of factors to consider regarding hair loss:
    Sub-clinical low thyroid.
    Poor absorption of nutrition.
    Hormone balance.
    Sub-clinical low thyroid is something that I see in many people. It appears energetically to me as a soft gray aura or field around the head of the person and there is an oily quality to this field. ,
    As soon as I see this quality, I know intuitively that the person will have mood and temperature regulation problems, issues with weight and probable thinning hair on the physical level, as well as issues with confidence and claiming personal power on the emotional level.
    Sub-clinical mean just inside the normal range so it can appear normal but perhaps just low enough to cause problems. Your doctor can recommend a thyroid prescription and there are many supplements available at the health food store.

    Heres a simple test that you can do at home: paint a patch of liquid iodine on the inside of your upper arm. Be sure and wear an old T-shirt  it stains! Watch the patch and see over several hours if the color fades. If so, it may indicate low thyroid  or the bodys need for iodine.

    Another factor to consider after the age of 45, is that most people do not absorb nutrition well. For many years, we have disrespected our bodies, given away our emotional power, and have bombarded our digestive systems with the same foods day after day. Enzymes become depleted and absorption can be compromised. Glutinous grains and sugar are the worst offenders.
    As a medical intuitive, and someone who has the gift of insight, I see into small intestines and observe that those wonderful hairy-like structures called villi which, through our small intestine, do all the soaking up of our nutrition. Often these structures are worn down. Little wonder that nails are breaking, eyes are weak and hair can be limp and thin.
    This is easy to correct  just eliminate glutinous grains like wheat, barley and oats and substitute with 100% rye bread/crackers, rice, quinoa, millet or amaranth. Remember to avoid sugar.
    The good news is that villi grow back - they start to grow back in just 3 days! It wont be long before youll see the difference in your hair and your nails as well as places that you dont see, like your bones and organs. Add in some digestive enzymes and supplementation that includes vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids.

    Hormone balance is an important aspect of pre, peri and post menopause and it is difficult to describe in a short column. I suggest seeking help with a local practitioner who specializes in balancing hormones naturally.
    On a deeper level, the hair represents the crown. Take a look at your confidence level. Is there someone in your life who is not validating you  who breaks you down and destroys your confidence? Keep affirming that you believe in yourself and surround yourself with people who support that belief.

    Caroline Sutherland has been a medical intuitive for over 20 years. Her popular book, The Body Knows  how to tune in to your body and improve your health www.hayhouse .com shows us how to implement the intuitive process for ourselves. Visit online at


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