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2007, March Caroline Sutherland Newsletter By: Caroline Sutherland

March 2007 Newsletter  

Hello Everyone!

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you seem powerless to give up an addiction? Are you addicted to a food, a substance, alcohol, tobacco, a person, a way of life or a way of thinking?

This month my theme is freedom from addictions.
Imagine being released from the grapple hook of something that has a firm hold on you. Imagine how good it would feel to be free. With a solid spiritual anchor, belief in yourself, focus and strength - YOU CAN DO IT! - now is the time!

Health and vitality are so important to me. My newsletter is an important way for us to stay connected. It is my great joy to continue to be in touch with you through this newsletter and to help you to stay motivated on your path to optimum wellness.

I also want to let you know that when I mention a product or service, I am only doing it to tell you about something that I think is worthwhile. I do not have any financial affiliations with any of the services or products I recommend.
Blessings, Caroline


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Caroline's Spring Schedule

Sedona AZ - March 16-18 Forever Ageless for Men and Women
Seattle WA -March 24 Northwest Women's Show
Bellingham WA - April 11-12
Seattle WA - April 14 Discover U
Chicago IL - May 4-6 Forever Ageless for Men & Women
Minneapolis MN - May 7-8
Hong Kong - May 19
Tucson AZ - June 26-29 Miraval Spa

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Releasing the Power of Addictions

Many people who are ill have obvious patterns of addiction or low self esteem in the equation.
An addiction is anything which has a hold on us such as: overwork, exercise, sex, food, chocolate, sugar, coffee, alcohol, cigarettes, illegal drugs, medications, money, worry, material possessions, relationships, negativity, overachieving, gambling etc.
People can also be addicted to illness.

The grapple hook of addictions can be an avoidance mechanism to take us off the path to fulfillment or to prevent us from exploring issues and subjects that expose our vulnerability.
These addictive tendencies begin in childhood and our constant need for attention. Some people have had very traumatic childhoods. The comfort that their addiction provides is justifiable.
Our parents or caregivers kept us quiet with food, the breast, the pacifier, the bottle, the toys, the outings, the diversions - and the minute we squawked, we were given something to keep us quiet. As adults, we rely upon these addictions to numb the pain and frustration of daily life. These items give us a sense of power and control.

Coffee drinkers, for example, can describe in minute detail the feeling of their special brand of elixir as it touches every inch of their alimentary tract. And yet, you wouldnt believe the numbers of people who are seeking optimum health while being addicted to caffeine, chocolate and sugars, not to mention illegal drugs, cigarettes, and alcohol. As soon as people stop taking these addictive substances, their health dramatically improves.

I believe that life is all about learning, growing, and mastering certain behaviors, the least of which are addictions. On a higher spiritual level, addictions are interesting. They have great power over us and they also carry negative energies, which can be seen energetically. These negative energies or entities attach themselves to the physical body.

When I see an addicted person, I can tell that something has a hook in them. I will see black all around them. They appear unclear or dark to me as if they have a dark cloud around them or a negative force, which is sapping their life force or vitality. Something has a hold on them and I know that they are addicted.
From the spiritual perspective, nothing must have a hold on us - no substance, no person, no place, or possession. On a spiritual level, we must be free, clear, and available to be moved by the universe. The addictions derail us and keep us from fully entering life and our true calling.
Staying stuck in an addiction to any behavior means that we are not really ready to grow up and take full responsibility for the life that God has given us.

In another way, if we are addicted, we are not clear. We do not emit clear, radiant energy from our bodies, and our auras or electromagnetic fields are muddy. As a result, our physical bodies are tired and worn down.
The emission of radiant, clear energy from our physical selves is significant in the area of manifestation.

We desire to manifest the best into our lives on a material and spiritual level. I believe that the emission of this radiant energy, which comes from having a clear and healthy physical body, and plenty of personal fulfillment, is the cornerstone to manifesting these positive experiences.

On an emotional level, an addicted person has a very strong little girl or boy inside them who is running the show. Life is too difficult and I must have my treats, my pacifier, or something to make me feel better, we say.
When people realize that the body they have been given is an instrument to carry them through to complete their mission and purpose in this life, then people seem happy to let go of the addictions in favor of a healthier lifestyle.

Im often asked how I manage my own food cravings. Like many of you, I have a strong inner child that needs plenty of nurturing. I have to let the little child have her treats  treats which will not make me feel sick. Because I am very aware of my food sensitivities, I had to do a lot of research and tweaking of recipes to find goodies that would not make my Candidiasis proliferate, not spike my blood sugar (which would give me that tired, low energy feeling later on), and not initiate a histamine reaction which would trigger food allergies.

On occasion, I do enjoy a sweet dessert or a glass of wine. I indulge myself occasionally, but it has to be something really special. For instance, I might be willing to pay the price for feeling a little off the next day for a delectable slice of hazelnut torte or a dish of creme brulee. But it is not worth it for me to jeopardize my program for a mundane piece of pie or just an ordinary cookie.

When, like me, you know your body so well that you can tell when it is slightly left of center, the foods that you used to crave will not have a hold on you. The value that you will place on a finely tuned, healthy body will just be too great.

(Excerpted from The Body Knows - Chapter 7)


A great way to release pain and addictions

Years ago following the deep pain of my own divorce and the loss of a significant relationship, I created a whole line of audio programs called Sleep Talking (c) for adults and children. These CD's have helped not only me but thousands of others over the years.

The audio programs are based on the power of learning while you sleep and relaxation therapy. There are hundreds of positive phrases woven together to reach the deep subconscious where patterns of pain and grief are stored.

The CD that I recommend is Letting Go of the Past and Moving Forward.

In just a few nights of listening you feel lighter. You know that release is possible. You may not be there yet but you feel more deeply that your goal to be free and to move forward is achievable.

Click here to find out more.


A Helpful Prayer and Message

This prayer was given to me in 1998 at a Spiritual Life Retreat led by visionary, Baptist minister and author Rev. Rodney Romney - truly a wonderful being.

Dear Friend,
Whoever you are.......
I would say this to you:
Accept your life - the place where it hurts and the places where it smiles. This is your first great task.
You are loved. Your pain is God's pain. Embrace the pain as well as the joy. Love all of it.
Your second great task is to accept others- those who are easy to love and those who are not. Embrace them all. God/The Universe/Life wants to love them through you.
And always remember: Your darkness will become your light.



Compounded Hormone Access - Alert

Tell Congress: Don't Take Away Our Access to Compounded Medicines!

If you or a loved one relies on compounded medicines - e.g., bioidentical hormones, pediatric medicines, hospice treatments - or if you prescribe compounded medicines to your patients, please read on.

A small but powerful group of senators is about to introduce legislation that would severely restrict and possibly deny your access to critical medications and create new onerous regulations for prescribers. Act today to protect access to compounded medicines!

If this legislation passes, federal regulators, not your doctor, will decide what medicines you can take. Do you really want to leave your customized medicine needs in the hands of bureaucrats in the government?

The so-called Safe Drug Compounding Act of 2007 would, among other things:
Broadly eliminate the availability of many critical, commonly compounded medications that many patients rely on, such as bioidentical hormones for women, hospice care treatments for the terminally ill and customized medicines for children. Allow the federal government to determine when compounded medicines are needed - a decision that has always been and should always be made by doctors.
Restrict the compounded medications your doctor can prescribe even if he or she determines you need them. If you or someone you know depends on compounded medications, act now to stop this dangerous legislation!
What can you do?
Write your elected representatives in Congress. Use P2C2's easy to use tool to write your members of Congress. To begin, select the category that best describes you below:
Patients, Caregivers & Healthcare Advocates
Physicians & Healthcare Professionals
Also, please keep this in mind: Its critical that you personalize your letter. Tell your own story. Tell them how you or your patients rely on compounded medicines and what your life or your patients' lives would be like without them.

Tell a friend. Even if your friends and relatives dont rely on compounded medicines themselves, they still have a loved one - you - who does. Thats their story to tell. Please encourage them to tell their representatives in Congress.
Tell more friends, patients and colleagues. The best weapon we have in this fight is you. You are the patients and physicians. Yours is the story that your representative in Congress cannot ignore. The more people we can get to unite in support of compounded medicines, the better our chances of winning will be.

Click on the "Compounding in Crisis" icon at today to learn more about the issues, take action, tell-a-friend and save patient access to compounded medicines. Thanks for taking action to defend your access to compounded medicines!


Please note:
Statements in this newsletter have not been reviewed by the FDA. Never start or stop any treatments, programs or medications without first consulting your medical doctor.



I am delighted to announce my new weekly radio show. The Body Knows with Caroline Sutherland will begin on Tuesday March 20, at 5pm PT.

Click here to go to my radio show. GreenStone Media, the all women's channel founded by Jane Fonda and Gloria Steinhem last fall is now airing on Voice America Women.

Radio is in my blood. My passion to communicate in this medium originated when I was in second grade. I had to walk home about 8 blocks after my weekly piano lesson. I would pick up a stick and fill in the time creating my imaginary radio show as I walked along what seemed like miles of chain link fence separating the sidewalk from the property owned by a large mining company. The stick clanging along the chain link fence formed the musical background while I pretended to interview my family members. My father on his work as a doctor or from his workbench at home. My mother and her latest recipe. My sister and her saga with a doll or tricycle. My world came alive.The time passed quickly and I would arrive home to the smell of my mother's cooking and the bosom of my family. What a beginning!

I have hosted several shows over the years and have been interviewed hundreds of times.
I realized when I was approached to have my own weekly show, that this could be the platform from which I could communicate. An all women's channel - It's about time.

Male or female come and join me every Tuesday night at 5pm PT.

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