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2007, February Caroline Sutherland Newsletter By: Caroline Sutherland

February 2007 Newsletter

Hello Everyone! Do you believe in love? Here is a story to warm your heart and lift your spirits on this wintery day. Happy Valentine's Day!

Imagine love after eighteen years of being single. If this can happen to me it can happen for you!

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I also want to let you know that when I mention a product or service, I am only doing it to tell you about something that I think is worthwhile. I do not have any financial affiliations with any of the services or products I recommend.
Blessings, Caroline

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  • Caroline's Spring Schedule

    Sedona AZ - March 16-18 Forever Ageless for Men and Women
    Seattle WA -March 24 Northwest Women's Show
    Bellingham WA - April 11-12
    Seattle WA - April 14 Discover U
    Chicago IL - May 4-6 Forever Ageless for Men & Women Hong Kong - May 19
    Tucson AZ - June 26-29 Miraval Spa

    Click here for details.

    A Love Story

    Are you looking for love? Do you think that the universe has forgotten about you? Maybe that special someone just doesnt exist? Dont give up. He or she is destined to meet you when the time is right. I believe this to be true.

    Here is my story.
    He walked into the room when I was teaching a Medical Intuitive Training in Seattle Washington on May 9, 2003.
    He was part of a group who had come from all parts of the country to learn how to become more intuitive about their own bodies and those of their clients, family members and friends.
    Part of the training included a medical intuitive reading for each person in the class.

    As I sat down to do his reading, I knew this man was going to die. Not a usual occurrence I am happy to say. I knew that he would either be dead in five years or very sick. His will to live was so faint.
    When ever I sense that a person is horribly off course, I engage them in conversation, grasping for a thread of what lights their fire.

    Im an Oncology nurse he said. My name is Gary. I stayed quiet  I got the sinking feeling. I continued to stay quiet  listening within. But thats all about to change he said.
    Oh good I thought. I am going back to school to do my masters degree in nursing and I am going to be counseling cancer patients in the use of anti-depressants, he told me.
    Oh no - I got the sinking feeling again.
    The pressure was mounting to do over 50 readings on all the people in the room. I had nothing else to add. Well, at least it will be a change I said, and I handed him his completed reading. I felt powerless to help.

    Gary appeared to be enjoying the training and he came up at the end of the weekend and gave me a hug. We said goodbye and I never thought I would see him again. However (I heard later) when he first saw me, a little voice inside his head said, "That's her!"

    The universe was obviously orchestrating things on a higher level and about a month later, when I was giving presentations in Portland, I met him again at a restaurant where some of my dearest Portland friends and June DEstelle my long-time friend and meditation teacher, and author of The Illuminated Mind, were gathered for dinner.

    I couldnt believe the difference in this man. Gary had lost weight (25 pounds on the Sutherland program) he looked energetic and vital  very attractive. What a difference from the man I had met a month earlier in Seattle. This man was no longer dying  the light of life was so bright within him.

    As we all said goodbye after the dinner and my friends drove me back to my hotel  I remarked to them, That man looked positively yummy, I could wrap him up and take him home!
    I never thought another thing about the encounter. Exactly a month later, on July 15th, Gary turned up at my summer meditation retreat. Neither one of us knew that the other was going to be there.
    It was nice to see him and some of the Portland people at the retreat but I was not sensing anything but hello, nice to see you again.

    Coincidentaly we just happened to sit next to each other in several meditation cycles. As I tuned in to him I could sense that he was a sweet, dear man who exuded a wonderful calm presence.
    Then, friends who were hosting the retreat, asked Gary to describe some of the symbolism of some Tibetan hand painted Thanka paintings that hung in their home. I was interested to hear what he said. The minute Gary began to describe the meaning of these paintings I felt a strong connection to him. This was obviously a spiritual giant.

    Gary had studied with a Buddhist Lama for 5 years and is very knowledgeable about Tibet, its culture, spiritual practices and Buddhism in general. He is extremely well read on many subjects.
    After Gary had explained the meaning of the paintings and showed us a very moving Buddhist spiritual practice, we all gave him a big hug. I wanted to thank him for what he brought to the meditation retreat and especially to my friends who had wanted for some time to know the meaning of their paintings.

    It was obvious that Gary must have picked up something from our time together and our hug, and the next thing that happened after the retreat, was a very nice message on my voice mail at home asking for my email address.
    He emailed or called me almost every day for over a month. Then he decided to come up from Portland to visit me. I must admit I was a little apprehensive. I had been on my own for 18 years. I had built a rich and full life and even though, from time to time, I have called out to the universe to bring that special someone into my life, I had not been lonely or pining.
    The gates of Fort Knox were about to be opened. I was a nervous wreck!
    For the five weeks prior to Gary's visit, I existed on nothing else but chicken soup. Nothing would calm down stomach. I knew that this could be him and my life would be forever changed. Was I ready?

    Exactly a month later, he came to visit me. He stepped off the plane and presented me with a gift, a beautiful white porcelain statue of the Buddhist goddess Quan Yin, the goddess of compassion.
    Gary proposed to me within the first hour, we had a long lingering kiss by the kitchen sink (if that condo is ever sold  the sink comes too!) and things progressed rapidly from there. We both "knew."

    It turns out we have so many interests in common: our shared interest in traditional and complementary medicine, our extensive spiritual research and practice, our love of theatre and movies, travel, the outdoors, boating, food and cooking, current events, the arts, history, biographies, books from Greek mythology to Florence Nightingale - all there to be shared.
    I took him out on my boat and showed him the mountains, coves and the sound where I have spent many happy hours. We visited a neighboring island for a meal and then traveled up to visit my daughter at her summer cabin. I wanted at least one of my family members to meet him.
    We also attended a service at my church where Gary, I found out later, had an instant vision of our marriage ceremony. We walked the seawall, took in a play and went out for dinner.

    Everything was magical and the time sped by so smoothly with such compatibility  it felt as if we had known each other forever.

    Then our four-day visit came to an end and Gary flew back to Portland. As soon as he arrived home, he checked his work schedule  lo and behold a four-day window had presented itself for me to fly down to Portland.
    Now I had the opportunity to see his world, visit the Buddhist temple, enjoy a romantic walk through the famous rose gardens of Portland, go out for dinner, visit the Columbia River and meet his parents!

    At the time I met Gary he was 57 years old and his lovely daughter was 19 and about to start college. He was married for seven years, divorced for 12 years, and then two years later, his ex-wife died of cancer on his ward - he was the nurse in attendance.
    He is no stranger to pain and is surrounded by death and sick people in his work at the hospital on a daily basis. But he is cheerful and optimistic and does not appear to retain the energy of his surroundings. He must be like the Archangel Michael as he ministers to these sick people  hes a saint.

    This man is a very nurturing person  a giver. After many years of giving, giving, giving, it is so nice to be treated like a queen. He is a consummate romantic. His thoughtfulness is remarkable. Gary is also a wonderful cook  he cleans up the kitchen right away and brings the tea. Imagine having tea poured for you!

    He brings flowers for me every week, opens the car door like a true gentleman and he puts the toilet seat down!
    Gary is extremely intuitive and he understands and is fascinated with my work and what it is all about. We have so much to share in the medical world.
    I have never felt so at home with anyone in my life. To all of my friends out there  dont give up on your belief that there is the right person somewhere out there.
    To find the right person is worth the wait.

    Are You Looking for a Health Coach?

    The success of any personal health program depends on motivation and inspiration. Do you need someone to encourage you and keep you on track? I recommend the services of Wellness Coach Joan Tryba in Chicago. Joan has 20 years of experience in the wellness industry.
    As a licensed massage therapist and certified holistic health coach, she ran her own spa offering weight loss, beauty and nutrition programs. Give Joan Tryba a call.

    You've Heard the Latest News

    Canadian researchers have just identified that "dense breasts" can increase a woman's risk for breast cancer. So if you want less dense breasts, stop milk and milk based products and stop caffeine for 3-4 weeks and then check your breasts. The will probably feel less lumpy and dense. Dairy products and caffeine block the lymphatic system. Breast tissue and lymphatic tissue are integrated. Most of my clients who eliminate these two items from their diets have much healthier breasts, less benign lumps and cysts. Give it a try. Remember if you are not consuming milk products you may need to supplement yourselves with calcium. Research is finally catching up with what the body knows already!

    Please note:
    Statements in this newsletter have not been reviewed by the FDA. Never start or stop any treatments, programs or medications without first consulting your medical doctor.

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