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2006, October Caroline Sutherland Newsletter By: Caroline Sutherland

Caroline Sutherland Newsletter
October 2006

Hello Everyone!

I am delighted to announce the unveiling of my new updated website. Take a look at the video presentation and some dramatic real-life stories all created by the team at Be The Change Productions In Los Angeles.

Recently I had some new press photos taken and I am really pleased with the results.

Since I began this work in 1983, as you can imagine, my career has undergone a number of changes. Now this is the next exciting step in my evolution - taking the word out into the world.

Albert Schweitzer, my great chldhood ispiration said that our goal in life is to find a purpose that consumes us with passion, fulfills us completely and one to which there is no end, with many creative rivers and tributaries flowing out of a central vision.

Last month I attended the 80th Birthday of my very on purpose publisher Louise Hay. It was a grand affair. That evening I had the honor of meeting another inspiraton, scientist Dr. Candace Pert whose book, Molecules of Emotion is amongst my favorites. This is the story of a very important and brilliant woman, who bucked the current scientific tide bringing new research and information about neuropeptides and their relationship to the mind, body and immune system.
Dr. Pert has an international reputation in the field of neuropeptide and receptor pharmacology. She lectures worldwide on her research regarding emotions and mindbody communication. Dr. Pert appeared in the feature film What the Bleep Do We Know!??
Her new book, Everything You Need to Know to Feel Go(o)d is published by Hay House.

What is your purpose? What fills you with fire and passion? Go and find it and I will help you achieve the healthy body needed to fulfill it.

Health and vitality are so important to me. My newsletter is an important way for us to stay connected. It is my great joy to continue to be in touch with you through this newsletter and to help you to stay motivated on your path to optimum wellness.

I also want to let you know that when I mention a product or service, I am only doing it to tell you about something that I think is worthwhile. I do not have any financial affiliations with any of the services or products I recommend.
Blessings, Caroline

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  • Caroline Sutherland
  • Having Breathing problems: No-Wheeze Drops
  • Teleseminars -Starting Again in November
  • Books I Have Enjoyed
  • Premier Weight Loss Program
  • New Cookbook - send your recipes
  • January Cruise

  • Having Breathing problems: No-Wheeze Drops

    Are you dealing with dust, airborne inhalant problems, wheezing or asthma? We have just the thing to help -
    No-Wheeze Drops which contain micro- dosages of the phenols (core allergens) related to pollens, grasses, airborne inhalants and cow's milk. The No-Wheeze drops are formulated to help neutralize the effects of these allergens.
    Cost $20 for a 2 month supply

    I was dealing with hay fever and breathing problems for many years. Thanks to the No-Wheeze drops, I am no longer on prescription medications.
    Jessie P. Seattle WA

    Teleseminars -Starting Again in November

    My very popular teleseminar series will begin again in November. I know how much you have all enjoyed them.
    People call in from all over the world - England, Singapore, Australia, Canada and the United States. If you are on my newsletter list, you will receive an email announcement when the next teleseminar is scheduled.


    Portland, OR - October 13-15
    Chicago, IL - October 17-18
    Bellingham, WA - TRAINING October 27-29

    Click here for details.

    Books I Have Enjoyed

    I love the times during the year that I get a chance to sit down to a good read. My husband Gary always brings me wonderful books. Lately I have been devouring "The Dead Sea Scrolls" by Hershel Shanks.
    This is a tumultuous story about a cache of ancient scrolls that were discovered in 1947 by a bedouin shepherd in a series of abandoned caves 14 miles east of Jerusalem in the village of Qumran near the Dead Sea.
    The Dead Sea Scrolls are probably the most important manuscript find of the twentieth century. The intrigue surrounding these scrolls and their final unveliing makes this a not to be put down book.
    But put it down I did when my daughter appeared with "My Life in France" the story of Julia Child and her husband Paul's experiences in post-war Paris.
    The book is a compilation of amusing and heartwarming interviews plus mouthwatering (but not on the program) recipes written by her grand nephew Alex Prud'homme who managed to "get the book down" before the legendary Julia Child passed away on 2004. The book is a sheer delight.

    Premier Weight Loss Program

    Are you still struggling with weight issues?
    January is weight loss month. After all that holiday eating why not sign up for my Premier Weight Loss Program starting Tuesday January 2, 2007.
    Imagine 12 weeks with my individual attention and motivation to help you reach your ideal weight.
    Weight loss is not a mystery. Come and find out how others successes can be yours!

    I lost 30 pounds on Caroline's Premier Weight Loss Program program.
    Pam Blanton, Scottsdale Arizona

    I recommend Caroline's book The Body Knows Diet - Cracking the Weight Loss Code to my patients and I have personally benefited from her program.
    Dr. Catherine Elliott, M.D. Sarasota Florida

    New Cookbook - send your recipes

    I am going to expand my cookbook and I would love to include your recipes. If you have a great, tasty and simple recipe that does not contain no-no's I will include it in an upcoming printing of my cookbook along with your name and a little about how you have used the recipe with your family. Your personal story and food ideas help so many people who are just starting out on this journey to optimum health.Thanks you for your contibutions and I look forward to receiving your emails.

    January Cruise

    I will be joining Dr. Susan Lark MD on an exclusive health, beauty and wellness cruise leaving from Fort Lauderdale Florida with Bella Vita Journeys, January 28th - February 4th.
    Come and join me.

    This is a great opportuity to get a one-on-one reading with me, learn invaluable health information and to really get a head start on your wellness program during a week on this exclusive Italian luxury liner. More information later.

    Please note:
    Statements in this newsletter have not been reviewed by the FDA. Never start or stop any treatments, programs or medications without first consulting your medical doctor.

    Caroline Sutherland
    Caroline Sutherland

    Come and train with me!

    My Medical Intuitive Training is taking place for three full days -October 27 - 29 in Bellingham Washington.
    Bellingham is 1 1/2 hours North of Seattle and 1 1/2 hours South of Vancouver B.C. Canada.

    Call 800-575-6185 to register.

    Come and learn how to tune in to yourself and others. Find out how to hone your own intuitive skills and "see" into the body. This training is not the domain of a few gifted people. It offers valuable information and techniques for the lay person and professional.
    This year I am especially privileged to have Dr. Wayne Topping, lecturer and master kinesiologist, and my husband Gary Leikas R.N. to co-present with me.

    Dr.Topping is a Touch for Health Faculty Member, Biokinesiologist and Founder of Wellness Kinesiology. He teaches in 22 countries and has a huge international following. People fly in from all over the world to access his wealth of knowledge. His techniques for tapping in to the body's wisdom are world renowned.

    We will spend 3 days tapping into the body and discovering the exciting world of medical intuition.

    Call 800-575-6185 to register.
    Cost $525.

    CEU for LMT"s - 21 contact hours available through the National Certification Board of Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork.

    CEU's for RN's - 21 continuing education contact hours available through the California State Board of Registered Nurses

    Click on the link for more information here

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