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2006, June Caroline Sutherland Newsletter By: Caroline Sutherland

Caroline Sutherland Newsletter
JUNE 2006

Hello Everyone!

It is my pleasure to welcome you to my monthly newsletter  especially to my new Ontario, Canada clients and so many people who are connecting to me and my work for the first time.
I have just returned from a marvelous trip to St. Catharines Ontario where I was treated like a queen and met so many people who are keenly interested in losing weight and improving their health.

I had the great honor and privilege of meeting Mimi Losier who has now lost 98 pounds following The Body Knows Diet program (see Mimis story below).
I also had the treat of seeing for the first time, the magnificent Niagara Falls  what a breathtaking experience. Niagara Falls reminds me of the power and awesome beauty of nature and the power of the universe that is available to us heal our bodies and achieve our goals and dreams.

Tap into that power! Happy Summer Everyone!

Health and vitality are so important to me. My newsletter is an important way for us to stay connected. It is my great joy to continue to be in touch with you through this newsletter and to help you to stay motivated on your path to optimum wellness.

I also want to let you know that when I mention a product or service, I am only doing it to tell you about something that I think is worthwhile. I do not have any financial affiliations with any of the services or products I recommend.
Blessings, Caroline

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  • THIS FALL: Medical Intuitive Training
  • ARTICLE - The French Connection
  • Mimi's Story
  • More new products and health strategies

  • ARTICLE - The French Connection
    Caroline and Gary in France

    Have you ever dreamed about spending time in a completely different environment, stepping off the planet for a brief period of time and immersing yourself in a whole new culture? Well, dreams do come true!

    My husband Gary and I spent 2 weeks in Europe earlier this month.
    We visited England for a few days and then hopped over to France and spent 10 days in the "perfect French village." What magic to be part of village life.
    We stayed in a delightful, quaint apartment in a walled city about an hour north of Nice. Sure we took a few side trips down to the Mediterranean coast, but we delighted in retreating to our own little piece of heaven among the charming narrow streets with open air cafes', the butcher where we bought fresh pate' and the grocery store where we bought farm fresh vegetables.
    I got a chance to practice my rusty French which came alive after a few days.
    We were a few steps away from the local 17th century cathedral where we witnessed the marriage of a young local couple and attended the most beautiful choral concert by an a-cappella choir from Nice.
    We bought fresh olive oil from the local olive oil producer. And we took long walks into the hills around the village with stunning views of the Var River valley below.

    One morning, we were awoken at 2:30am to the sound of barking of dogs and the clanging of hundreds of bells. We witnessed something truly magical - the "transhumance" or the transfer of thousands of sheep and goats from the farms in the region down into the valley, and then to be led up into the high pasture for 3 months of summer grazing and cheese making. It was a breathtaking sight in the wee hours of the night.

    We enjoyed the food and were able to manage quite nicely on our "program." Goat cheese and various pates were in abundance. Everything is grown locally, fresh and organic. Everything tasted delicious. Chicken really tasted like chicken. Dishes were delightfully seasoned from local herbs of the region. Herbes de Provence, a mixture of basil, rosemary, thyme, marjoram and savory, is my favorite.

    These are some of the items we enjoyed that you can make at home:

    Cornish game hens brushed with olive oil, sprinkled with coarse salt and rosemary. Bake in the oven at 350 degrees for 1 hour.

    Wrap 1 tablespoon of goat cheese (chevre works best) in a thin slice of prociutto, Italian cured ham. Drizzle with lots of olive oil. Dribble-y, drool-y and sensuous. Serve with plenty of napkins.

    Cut 1 pound of zucchini into thick strips. Cut each strip in half. Saute in 6 tablespoons of olive oil until tender. Add 1 tablespoon of Herbs de Provence and just a hint of fresh grated nutmeg. Continue to saute until golden brown.
    Leftovers? Add to your salad at lunch tomorrow.

    Are you dreaming? Think about life in another country.

    Mimi's Story

    I have had a weight problem since I was 13 years of age. I have tried every type of diet out there - all of them ended up in failure.

    Last July, nearly a year ago, I took a trip to Paris with my family.
    I weighed 350 pounds.

    With this kind of a weight problem, I had lived in my own little world - between work and my home. I existed within a small circle.
    The trip to France posed new challenges and brought me face to face with my weight issues.

    I made the decision on July 18th 2005 that I'd had enough. After barely being able to fit in an airplane seat, having great difficulty keeping up with my family in Paris, the severe pain in my massive body and the lack of energy and self esteem, just made me say - this is it!

    With tears of pain and anguish pouring down my face in that Paris hotel, I made the decision to give up everything I loved - the ice cream, the garlic bread, the mashed potatoes and the chocolate. I figured that had to be the key. Lo and behold, the weight started to pour off.

    Three months later in November, a friend gave me Caroline Sutherland's book, the Body Knows Diet - Cracking the weight Loss Code. I realized that the program that I was following was exactly what was outlined in this book only I didn't know why it was working. The Body Knows Diet brought me the missing pieces and the explanation why I had experienced a lifetime of cravings and why food allergies, yeast and hormone imbalances were the root of my problems.

    Following this program has liberated me from food, and it has given me back my power and self-esteem. I feel good about myself.
    A huge part of my success comes from listening - every night to Caroline's CD in the back of the book. I even listen to it during the day when I do my bead work.
    The CD keeps me on track and motivated toward my goal weight of 160 pounds. I know I can do it.

    I have now lost 98 pounds. I'm ecstatic! These are some of my successes:

    I can now fit into a chair with arms, I can tie up my shoes, squat down, get up from the floor without crawling and I can even cross my legs for the first time in many years!

    My blood pressure has returned to normal, I no longer have pain in my back and my legs. I used to have to go to bed when I came home from work - I was so exhausted. Now I have boundless energy and I can go out with my friends. I even took a boat cruise last week.

    I had to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe. I will have to do that again when I lose another 50 pounds. Last week, I bought a pair of pants with a zipper instead of an elastic waistband - that's a first!

    When I took a bath, I used to put 6 inches of water in the bathtub and it would be full with my body in it. Now I can put 18 inches of water in the tub and fit into it very comfortably.

    All these things are breakthroughs for me. They may seem small to you but to an overweight person, they are huge milestones. If I can do it, you certainly can.

    Mimi Losier


    Bellingham, WA -- September 14
    Seattle, WA -September 16
    Sacramento, CA - September 18
    Carmel, CA-September 19-20
    Santa Barbara, CA - September 22-24
    Encinitas, CA - September 26
    San Diego, CA - September 27
    Carlsbad, CA - September 28
    Portland, OR - October 13-15
    Omaha, NE - October 20-22
    Bellingham, WA - TRAINING October 27-29


    Dr. Steven Ayre

    I really admire medical doctors who have stepped out and bridged the gap between traditional western medicine and complementary approaches and I have had the delight in knowing and working with many such professionals during the course of my career.
    Their level of dedication and commitment continues to inspire me.

    The very best practitioner you can hope to have is someone who is familiar with both the traditional and non-traditional worlds.
    Dr. Steven Ayre is a Chicago Area medical doctor who specializes in Insulin Potentiation Therapy. IPT is low- dose chemotherapy which works to maintain the integrity of the immune system without the usual side effects that accompany high dose chemotherapy  fatigue, nausea, hair loss etc.

    Take a look at Dr. Ayres website and sign on for his very informative newsletter covering exciting research, complementary therapies for cancer. There are IPT doctors in many areas of the country and in other countries as well.


    More new products and health strategies

    I am constantly researching products that I believe will help you to achieve your health goals.
    Summer is a great time to focus on getting healthy, cleansing and building up the immune system.

    Cleansing the body and the arteries is something that each person should focus on at least once a year - especially after the age of forty!
    More about this next month in my July newsletter.

    Please note:
    Statements in this newsletter have not been reviewed by the FDA. Never start or stop any treatments, programs or medications without first consulting your medical doctor.

    THIS FALL: Medical Intuitive Training
    The Body Knows

    My next Medical Intuitive Training is scheduled for three full days -October 27 - 29 in Bellingham Washington.
    Come and learn how to tune in to yourself and others. Find out how to hone your own intuitive skills and "see" into the body. This training is not the domain of a few gifted people. It offers valuable information and techniques for the lay person and professional.
    This year I am especially privileged to have Dr. Wayne Topping, lecturer and master kinesiologist, and my husband Gary Leikas R.N. to co-present with me.

    Dr.Topping is a Touch for Health Faculty Member, Biokinesiologist and Founder of Wellness Kinesiology. He teaches in 22 countries and has a huge international following. People fly in from all over the world to access his wealth of knowledge. His techniques for tapping in to the body's wisdom are world renowned.

    We will spend 3 days tapping into the body and discovering the exciting world of medical intuition.

    Call 800-575-6185 to register.
    Cost $475 Before September 1: $525 after
    17 CEU credits for LMT"s available
    CEU's for RN's - pending.

    Click here for more information. here for more information.

    Tuning In
    Last month I spent a few days in Michigan giving presentations among them a one day workshop in medical intuition. A woman joined the class who did not believe that she had any intuitive ability.
    One of the exercises I like to teach is to take an object belonging to another person - one that is premeated with that person's energy and see what intuitively comes to mind.
    I handed her my engagement ring and asked her to tune into the ring and share her impressions. Without hesitation, she said that she felt that the ring had been purchsed in a store (which it was) and not specially designed. She also said "dishes, I see lots of dishes."
    At first, I hesitated, me... dishes, lots of dishes.... and then I realized she was tuning in to my husband and his love of dishes and collections. I was impressed and she was amazed that she could tune in to the ring and pick up all sorts of information. You can too! Come and take my training and learn more

    I would like to hear from you. How has intuition helped you on your path to wellness?

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