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2015, December Caroline Sutherland Newsletter By: Caroline Sutherland

Merry Christmas!

Hello Everyone,

I am wishing each one of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday Season. This year I will be in Hawaii for the Holidays celebrating with my children and grandchildren. I feel truly blessed.

I am blessed with good friends, excellent health, love and abundance and of course - all of you!

In the last few weeks and during my vacation time I have made it a point to appreciate nature, the beauty of the ocean, and not to focus on the news and events of the outer world. We live in a different time where safety and peace are precious commodities. Commodities that in the western world we have always taken for granted. Lately I have felt better - just staying away from mainstream media and keeping things around me as centered and peaceful as possible.

The great spiritual teacher and global leader Thich Nhat Hanh who is revered for his powerful teachings, encourages us in times of stress to focus on nature. I love his affirmation: Breathe in the flower - breathe out freshness; breathe in the mountain - breathe out strength. Take a look at his teachings to receive a nugget or a pearl that will be apropos for you at that exact moment. Other spiritual teachers have taught us that cultivating peace in our time begins with each one of us. We can guard our thoughts and keep them positive, and live in the moment to the best of our ability.

In times like these, we are called upon to live our highest spiritual truths and to implement all of the spiritual principles that we have learned over the years. By being peaceful and positive ourselves, we can help others to do the same.

 The other day I had a long conversation with a friend about the concept "we are all one." You hear about this concept and sometimes it is just too hard to get our minds around the idea that we are all actually one. All around the world, WE are all ONE. One cell; one body; one people; one world. Each one of us is one cell in the body of humanity. Think about it. So whatever someone is doing to someone else, they are actually doing this to themselves - because we are all
We live in a magnificent world. Just look up at the moon and the stars and wonder at the scene before you. How were you born into such a wondrous world? Did you know that in each tiny cell in your body there are 6 feet of DNA in each of your cells? Six feet - hard to believe! The wonders of nature and the wonders of creation! These are all things to ponder and contemplate as we move into a New Year.

On a personal level I have been simplifying my life and paring down. While I continue to enjoy my work, I am discontinuing certain programs that I have taught for many years and I'm shifting my attention to living lighter and having more fun!

Take advantage of ways to get healthy this year. Join my final Premier Weight Loss Program or register for my New Year's 7 Day Block Buster Detox Program - all designed to help you get on track with your health goals now and for the future. It is my pleasure to have you join me.

Have a wonderful holiday season! Just know you are loved and you are blessed - and remember we are all one!

Many blessings,

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