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2014, August Caroline Sutherland Newsletter By: Caroline Sutherland

August Newsletter - To Everything There Is a Season
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Caroline Sutherland's Newsletter, August 2014
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"When you lose someone you love, you gain an angel you know."
~ Oprah


Hello Everyone,


I hope you are having a great summer - getting your toes in the sand and connecting with family and loved ones. This summer has been very bitter-sweet for me as I announce the passing of my dear younger sister.  


In this issue I focus on death - another part of life, which has hit our family hard this month. I honor my sister's memory. I also want to introduce you to another brave woman who has placed self-induced suicide in the spotlight. Thank you for being in my life - you lift me up!



In Memory of My Sister 


It is with great sadness that I announce the passing of my dear sister Frannie on August 9th. She was 66 years old and died from Mesothelial cancer, which is contracted from asbestos poisoning. She believes that she was exposed to asbestos while working for 20 years as a teacher in old schools. The past three months have been a nightmare for our family.  


She is now in the arms of the angels. Frannie was an exceptional person, a real bright light, whose life was taken far too early. We had her with us for 66 years and for that we are glad. She had a very virulent strain of cancer, which, sadly when it was diagnosed, offered little hope for recovery. From diagnosis to her death was an 83-day process - 83 days of shock and disbelief for our closely knit family. I am grateful to our family, her husband and her daughter who ministered to her with such grace and compassion. She will be greatly missed by all of us - may she rest in peace.


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A Book I like


You know how I like true stories; for some reason I do not seem to be able to read novels. This one was recommended by a friend -
A Pearl in the Storm: How I found My Heart in the Middle of the Ocean by Tori Murden Mclure.

This is the story of the first woman to row alone across the Atlantic Ocean. To row a boat across a still lake can be considered a challenge for some. But this is a crazy idea under any circumstances. This is a great book and a hair-raising tale - written by a courageous woman. Luckily she pulls it off where others have not, and she remains alive to tell her story. A great summer read.  


Details and to purchase click here! 


84 Year Old Woman Claims Her Right to Die


This is a Canadian story - but it is of universal interest. Finally someone is bringing up a subject that is on most people's minds when they reach the age of 60 and beyond - "what is going to happen to me when I get old." In this very compelling story, a Bowen Island, British Columbia woman who was diagnosed with dementia three years ago has killed herself after posting an open letter online, hoping to reopen the debate about assisted suicide in Canada.


According to the letter, posted on her blog, "Dead at Noon" here, dementia was taking its toll on Gillian Bennett and with each passing day, she felt she was losing herself. In 1,699 words, Bennett answered many questions about her life and supplied in clear and apparently carefully chosen words her reasons for the decision she made.


"I will take my life today around noon. It is time," wrote Bennett. "I have choices which I have reviewed, and either adopted or discarded.  


"I think I have hit upon the right choice for me. I have talked it over with friends and relatives. It is not a forbidden topic - anything but."


Gillian and Jonathan Bennett married in 1954. He was at her side when she died.  


She also outlined her options under current Canadian law, which she said included spending perhaps another 10 years in hospital at a cost of up to $75,000 a year to Canadians.


Or, as she put it, "Have a minder-care for my mindless body." Bennett's note includes much consideration of the financial and emotional impact of these options on her family.


"All know that it matters to me not to become a financial burden to my family of my country. I have discussed my situation with them all. In our family it is recognized that any adult has the right to make her own decision."


Bennett killed herself on Monday by ingesting drugs. Her husband Jonathan was a witness to her suicide, but did not assist her.


An interview with her family here.


Gillian Bennett Tells the World


Here is the website that Gillian Bennett tells the world what she is about to do and her reasons for doing it. This is a thoughtful and moving piece about a very important subject that needs to be discussed. This is a woman who is ahead of her time.  


Astrology Update


Maya White always does a great job of her astrology forecast for the month. Find out what the stars have in store for you each month here.  


Remember to tune in every Monday at 8am PT/11am ET on my Blog Talk Radio where Maya shares her weekly Starcast.


Summer Coleslaw with a Twist

I was up at my daughter's cabin last week and I shared a delicious lunch with her and my grandchildren. My daughter is a very innovative cook.  


I couldn't figure out the dressing - light and tangy. The secret - the liquid from a jar of artichoke hearts! So the next time you are making coleslaw (or just use a package of shredded multi-color cabbage) buy a jar of artichoke hearts. Slice up the hearts, reserve the liquid and mix it in to the coleslaw. Add a quarter cup of poppy seeds - and voila a delicious new creation!


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