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2013, August Caroline Sutherland Newsletter By: Caroline Sutherland, Medical Intuitive

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Caroline Sutherland Newsletter, August 2013
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4 Candida Yeast Products on Sale!
VGB Training
Learn the Art of Medical Inutition
Kona Hawaii ~ Women's Retreat
A Fascinating Hand Print Analysis!
Delicious Quinoa Beet Salad
World Famous Swimmer Marilyn Bell
Oprah Immortalizes Henrietta Lacks

Hello Everyone!

I hope you are having a wonderful summer. It is a blessing to be out on my boat every day enjoying the fabulous weather we are having in the Pacific Northwest! Remember, every day, you're creating memory banks. Give thanks for summer and make it your best!







4 Candida Yeast Products on Sale!

You know me - they call me The Yeast Queen of the Western World! I have been helping people with Candida yeast related issues for many years. In fact, 30 years ago, when I was first tested for Candida yeast sensitivity, it played the most significant role in identifying my MS-like symptoms. Candida yeast comes to me by a scent - it is a sweet, sickly smell that "wafts" off the body whenever I do an intuitive reading. As soon as I detect that scent, I know that a person is probably dealing with cravings for starch and sugar, fatigue, memory loss or a host of related issues. Candida yeast is easy to control by following a low-carb diet and using specific Candida yeast control products. This month, I am offering four of my favorite products at a 15 percent discount:

Go to my website here,  Click on Supplements, enter the access code: life123. The 15 percent discount is automatically deducted from your order. The discount applies to single bottles, not to multiple "product specials." Clean up Candida yeast - feel better, feel stronger and more vibrant!


VGB Training 
Join my Virtual Gastric Band Training in Seattle Washington September 20 - 22 and learn to do one of the most powerful procedures I have ever witnessed in my 30 year career. If you are currently working in the weight loss field, you will find that this is the "missing piece" that you've been waiting to introduce to your clients. Adding this procedure to your diet and lifestyle weight loss practice will grow your business as well. Register now for early bird pricing and join this life-changing event.

Click here to register now!


Learn the Art of Medical Intuition


My signature Medical Intuitive Training takes place October 15 - 27 in beautiful Bellingham, Washington.


In a few short days you'll learn to tap into your body's wisdom and decipher its mysteries - not just for yourself, but for friends, family members and clients as well. Come and train with me and hone your own medical intuitive skills. Details here!



Kona Hawaii - Women's Retreat


If you've been thinking about registering for the Ultimate Women's Healing Retreat - please make your reservation. The retreat is filling up fast and we are only taking 30 women. Imagine - 4 nights and five days of accommodation at The Royal Kona Resort, spiritual nourishment, a medical intuitive reading, seminars on health and spiritual development, magical fun and bonding, plus swimming with the dolphins in the wild! Register here!  


A Fascinating Hand Print Analysis


I have just had a fascinating hand-print analysis done by Lea Denmark. Her insights were "spot on! If you've been searching for deeper meaning in your relationships, your work or your life, a unique Soul Purpose Hand Analysis session can give you the answers you need to approach the same old challenges in new ways and get better results. Lea is a highly gifted intuitive hand analyst with many years of training and experience reading hands for people all over the world, and she believes miracles can manifest as a person gains higher levels of self awareness and compassion for themselves and others.   

She will read between the lines of Heart and Head to identify your soul's purpose and your special gifts, and you will discover what your hands have to say. You may learn something new about your health, love, work, and relationships, and what to watch out for! This is a two-step process; once you've completed your payment transaction she will send you a free hand print kit in the mail; as soon as you've mailed your prints back to her she will then contact you to schedule your Appointment. You will see how easy life can be when you discover your soul's purpose and begin to fully express it in the world.   


Lea is offering an extensive discount to each of you for this Soul Purpose Hand Print Analysis! REGULAR PRICE $350 YOUR SPECIAL PRICE $199: Includes Free Hand Print Kit and a Recording of Your Session here!



Delicious Quinoa Beet Salad


Recently at a family gathering, my sister brought this delicious beet and quinoa salad. Give it a try!


4 cups cooked quinoa

2 cups grated raw beet

2 cups grated raw parsnip

½ cup chopped mint

¼ cup finely chopped chives




The juice of one lime

2 tbsp liquefied coconut oil

¼ tsp salt


Mix all ingredients together, top with dressing and combine. Keep in refrigerator until serving. Serves 4.


World Famous Swimmer Marilyn Bell


As you now I am an avid reader and I love true stories. Novels are just not my thing and years ago when I became involved in alternative medicine, I preferred to read about real people doing real things. Recently I picked up a little book at my church book sale. Marilyn Bell: A Heart Stopping Tale of Marilyn's Record Breaking Swim (Attitude Publishing, 2003). As a child, I had heard about Marilyn Bell, so I was fascinated to hear her story.


On September 8, 1954, Bell started her swim across the frigid waters of Lake Ontario from Niagara-on the-Lake to Toronto Ontario at virtually the same time as world famous American long-distance swimmer, Florence Chadwick. Chadwick was offered $10,000 to swim the lake as a publicity effort for the CNE annual exhibition. Bell, who felt the offer snubbed Canadian swimmers, took on the challenge without pay. After several hours, Florence Chadwick was forced to give up with stomach pains and vomiting, while 16-year-old Bell completed the swim, the first person ever to swim the thirty-two-mile distance when she arrived in Toronto the next day.


Bell swam for 21 hours under grueling conditions before she finally reached a breakwater near the CNE grounds. The planned route straight across the lake was 32 miles but she actually had to swim much further because of strong winds and the lack of modern navigation equipment. Waves that day were almost 15 feet high, water temperature was 65 degrees and lamprey eels were attacking her legs and arms.


Bell kept up her strength with Pablum, corn syrup, and lemon juice with water, along with heroic encouragement from her boat crew and her coach, Gus Ryder.


Radio stations broadcasted hourly reports of her progress and rival newspapers published "extra" editions throughout the day. When she finally arrived at about 8:15 p.m., a crowd of 300,000 people gave her an emotional welcome.


The CNE exhibition decided to give Bell the $10,000 prize, and she was later given numerous gifts, including a car, television, clothing and furniture - a big deal in 1954. Bell later married, had four children and is now 76 years of age - her life is a legend.


Oprah Immortalizes Henrietta Lacks

In 2010, when I first read The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot, I knew the book was important. Who knew that the cervical cells of a seemingly insignificant black woman who died of cancer would live forever in cancer research? Lacks cervical cells, were harvested without her knowledge or consent and that is the subject of the book. Her name was Henrietta Lacks, but scientists know her as HeLa. She was a poor, black, tobacco farmer whose cells-taken without her knowledge in 1951-became one of the most important tools in medicine, vital for developing the polio vaccine, cloning, gene mapping, in vitro fertilization, and more. Henrietta's cells have been bought and sold by the billions, yet she remains virtually unknown, and even today, her own family can't afford health insurance.


Soon to be made into an HBO movie by Oprah Winfrey and Alan Ball, this New York Times bestseller takes readers on an extraordinary journey, from the "colored" ward of Johns Hopkins Hospital in the 1950s to stark white laboratories with freezers filled with HeLa cells, from Henrietta's small, dying hometown of Clover, Virginia, to East Baltimore today, where her children and grandchildren live and struggle with the legacy of her cells. The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks tells a riveting story of the collision between ethics, race, and medicine; of scientific discovery and faith healing; and of a daughter consumed with questions about the mother she never knew. It's a story inextricably connected to the dark history of experimentation on African Americans, the birth of bioethics, and the legal battles over whether we control the stuff we're made of. Quite a read!


Enjoy here




"Connection is the energy that is created between people when they feel seen, heard and valued; when they can give and receive without judgment."

~ Brene Brown

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