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2005, May Caroline Sutherland's Newsletter By: Caroline Sutherland

Caroline Sutherland Newsletter
MAY 2006

Hello Everyone!

May is such a delightful month - it is the anticipation of summer and bathing suit weather. I hope you are fit and healthy and ready for swimming in a nearby lake or the ocean - my favorite place to swim!

Last week I appeared on KOMO TV, the ABC affiliate in Seattle. I discussed food allergies,the yeast syndrome and its relationship to weight gain plus I did some spot readings for audience members. The audience was very enthusiastic and KOMO is very interested in having me back on "Northwest Afternoon."
If you would like to see me back on KOMO, why not call them at 206-404-4000 or email them at

This newsletter focusses on your ability to tune in to your own body and get a sense of what might be out of balance. Medical Intuition is an important skill that anyone can learn. As well, you will be interested in my perspective on the itsy bitsy spider and the damage it can do.

Health and vitality are so important to me. My newsletter is an important way for us to stay connected. It is my great joy to continue to be in touch with you through this newsletter and to help you to stay motivated on your path to optimum wellness.

I also want to let you know that when I mention a product or service, I am only doing it to tell you about something that I think is worthwhile. I do not have any financial affiliations with any of the services or products I recommend.
Blessings, Caroline

in this issue
  • THE BODY KNOWS - how to tune in to your body and improve your health
  • ARTICLE - Medical Intuition - the art of "tuning in."
  • How a Spider Bite Created a BIG Problem
  • More New Products
  • A Wonderful Astrologer

  • ARTICLE - Medical Intuition - the art of "tuning in."

    Medical Intuitive Training
    Medical Inuition is the ability to see beyond the normal levels of perception. It is a learned skill and not just the domain of a few gifted people. Many people ask how I became interested in this field. The compass must have been pointed many years ago.
    I come from a medical family, both my father and grandfather were medical doctors. For as long as I can remember, I have been interested in medicine. As a young child, I would run around the house in a nurses cap, taking peoples temperatures, checking pulses, and wrapping bandages around the imaginary wounds of my family members. I would pull a huge chair over to the desk in the library where my father was studying for his final exams in tropical medicine. I would clamber onto the desk so that I could reach for the medical books that seemed twice my body weight. There I would pore over pictures of people in the advanced stages of yaws, elephantiasis, and leprosy trying to figure out how they got so sick. Little did I know that seeds were being planted which would bear fruit decades later in the exciting field of medical intuition.

    Medical intuition is a hot topic. The phrase was coined 20 years ago by the great Caroline Myss, author of Anatomy of the Spirit and many other books on the subject.

    The key to medical intuition or any other intuitive ability is a quiet, receptive mind. A mind that is well-trained in any profession will almost always develop intuitive ability. The more a person works at their craft, the more intuitive that person will become in their area of expertise. The rational or trained mind becomes the filter through which the intuitive impressions are received. Meditation, prayer, and quiet receptivity are prerequisites for this ability. Medical intuition comes from the spiritual level; it comes from God where everything is known.

    As you know, I became skilled in this field based on 2 things.
    1. I learned to meditate.
    2. I developed a psychic ability about the body when I worked as an allergy-testing technician for medical doctors and naturopathic physicians.

    Anyone can learn to have intuition and develop physical body awareness. My goal is to teach you a practical framework for seeing into the veiled layers of the body and to understand some of its mysteries.
    It is useful to learn all that you can in this regard. As a result of taking a training with me in medical intuition, your instincts will develop and become defined in your own unique manner.

    During approximately two decades of immersion in the complementary or alternative medical field, it has been clearly revealed to me that there are certain simple principles, which when implemented can make a tremendous difference to a persons health and well-being. Like the indigenous people who saw Columbuss ships for the first time, when their eyes were trained to see beyond their normal experience, they were open to whole new realm of possibility.

    And so it will be with you.
    Come and take my Medical Intuitive Training in October. What you learn with me this fall, will last for a lifetime.

    Click here for information.

    How a Spider Bite Created a BIG Problem

    I like to keep informed about what the diet gurus and big name motivators are doing on national television.
    Has anyone seen Dr. Phil's TV program lately? I just happened to tune in the other day and saw a show segment concerning a 450 pound woman and her uncontrollable eating habits.
    Dr. Phil was focussing on people with big issues and strategies to help them. I like Dr. Phil. He tells it like it is and people listen - millions of them.
    The television clip showed this 450 pound woman on a hyraulic lift being placed into a van for the trip to the studio. She was in desperate need of help. According to the story, she had been confined to bed (the only place she could be comfortable) and was continually brought food by her children. Apparently she had uncontrollable cravings and would require food and lots of it, at any time of the day and night. Dr. Phil was set to work his magic and to help the lady "get real" about her eating problem and looking at the situation, there was no time to lose.
    The part of the TV segment that caught my attention was the woman's belief that her problem originated from a spider bite. Dr. Phil's response, seemed to invalidate her comment.
    Odd as it may seem, I believe the woman was right. Her condition very well could have originated from a spider bite and here's why.
    If the spider bite became infected, then she would have been given antibiotics. When a person is given antibiotics, this destroys the beneficial bacteria in their digestive tract, contibuting to an overgrowth of Candida Albicans Yeast. When Candida Albicans Yeast gets a foothold, the person develops uncontrollable cravings and is powerless to stop eating despite all their best intentions.
    This woman has my total sympathy. Not that Dr.Phil is wrong in his approach. I just feel she has a valid point and here is how I would help her.

    1. Get started on a Candida Yeast Eradication program plus recolonize the lower colon with acidphillus lactobacillus biffidus.
    2. Identify her food allergies and sensitivities - in her case, namely soy, wheat, corn, dairy products and sugar. I have some great drops that really help wih excessive cravings for starches and sugars.
    3. Support the liver, gall bladder and pancreas with a specifically tailored supplemental regime.
    4. Take digestive enzymes to help her stomach break down proteins and to better utilize her food and nutrition.
    5. Daily exercise. This can be done lying down until she has lost some weight and gains enough strength to take short walks. Daily yoga, stretching and deep breathing will help.
    6. Hormone balancing will get to the underlying metabolic blocks to weight loss. I suspect her thyroid is low and probably low progesterone in relation to estrogen could be contributing to fluid retention.
    7. Reassure her that her body knows what to do and that in time with appropriate guidance and help, she has the capacity to regain her health, her ideal weight and her life.

    Dr. Phil will do his work on an emotional level with strategies, counseling, a modified eating plan, an exercise outline etc. I would like to help her with all the rest.


    St. Catharine's, Ontario Canada June 23 & 24
    Call to reserve your spot 905-935-1872

    Dates Ahead:
    Dates for my Fall schedule are posted on my website. Expect the event descriptions in a few weeks as details are confirmed.
    Medical Intuitive Training - October 27, 28 & 29 Bellingham Washington

    More New Products

    Simplex F and Thytrophin are now available in large sizes.
    Calcium: Highly absorbable, well researched calcium/magnesium supplement, great for peri and post menopausal women is now available.
    Cost $44 for a one month supply

    Constipation? Relief for the great B.M. equation. A combination of herbs and enzymes that really does the job.
    Cost: $16 for one month supply

    Jasmine Tea: Giving up coffee? Try some delicious, organic, aromatic Jasmine Tea. Cost: $12 small size container: $24 large

    A Wonderful Astrologer

    I mentioned the services of Lori Pettigrew in my March newsletter. Lori has had an overwhelming response from all of you.

    As I mentioned, years ago, at a friend's insistence, I had a session with one of Britain's most famous astrologers. He told me that "my life would begin at 60." This was not good news considering I was barely 40 years old at the time. His predictions turned out to be true.
    After I turned 60 I became a best selling author, I met my husband and have enjoyed much success, prosperity and fulfillment. So...there is something in the stars!
    If you are looking for an excellent astrologer I recommend Lori Pettigrew, also an attorney in her day job. Send her an email:

    Please note:
    Statements in this newsletter have not been reviewed by the FDA. Never start or stop any treatments, programs or medications without first consulting your medical doctor.

    THE BODY KNOWS - how to tune in to your body and improve your health
    The Body Knows

    My next Medical Intuitive Training is scheduled for three full days -October 27 - 29 in Bellingham Washington.
    Come and learn how to tune in to yourself and others. Find out how to hone your own intuitive skills and "see" into the body. This training is not the domain of a few gifted people. It offers valuable information and techniques for the lay person and professional.
    This year I am especially privileged to have Dr. Wayne Topping, lecturer and master kinesiologist, and my husband Gary Leikas R.N. to co-present with me.

    Dr.Topping is a Touch for Health Faculty Member, Biokinesiologist and Founder of Wellness Kinesiology. He teaches in 22 countries and has a huge international following. People fly in from all over the world to access his wealth of knowledge. His techniques for tapping in to the body's wisdom are world renowned.

    We will spend 3 days tapping into the body and discovering the exciting world of medical intuition.

    Call 800-575-6185 to register.
    Cost $475 Before September 1: $525 after
    17 CEU credits for LMT"s available
    CEU's for RN's - pending.

    Click here for more information. here for more information.

    Tuning In
    Last week I spent a few days in Michigan giving presentations among them a one day workshop in medical intuition. A woman joined the class who did not believe that she had any intuitive ability.
    One of the exercises I like to teach is to take an object belonging to another person - one that is premeated with that person's energy and see what intuitively comes to mind.
    I handed her my engagement ring and asked her to tune into the ring and share her impressions. Without hesitation, she said that she felt that the ring had been purchsed in a store (which it was) and not specially designed. She also said "dishes, I see lots of dishes."
    At first, I hesitated, me... dishes, lots of dishes.... and then I realized she was picking up on my husband and his love of dishes and collections. I was impressed and she was amazed that she could tune in to the ring and pick up all sorts of information. You can too! Come and take my training and learn more

    I would like to hear from you. How has intuition helped you on your path to wellness?

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