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The Estrogen Dilemma

If you’re a post-menopausal woman like me you are interested in staying young, youthful and mentally sharp. I am delighted to know a brilliant researcher Dr Roberta Brinton whose seminal work involves the subject of estrogen and memory decline in post-menopausal women. You can imagine my surprise when I opened...

50 Years on The Pill

Today is Mother’s day. Fifty years ago today marks the anniversary of that provocative announcement that introduced “the pill” to the world. That announcement gave women a new “take” on sex, fertility, career and their world. The pill meant reassurance and control. Today, a world without “the pill” is unimaginable....

Time Magazine on Post Partum Depression

Did you know that the biggest cause of Post Partum Depression is a dramatic drop in progesterone levels following the birthing process? Sadly there is nary a mention of hormones in the latest issue of Time Magazine covering post partum psychosis or PPD entitled The Melancholy of Motherhood....