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Tom Hanks Has Diabetes

It is little wonder that my fav Tom Hanks has recently been diagnosed with Type II Adult Onset Diabetes. Tom Hanks is invincible, forever young, and immune from body breakdown – right! Hanks has yo-yo dieted for a number of his Hollywood roles and while he acknowledges that this may...

Finally…… Sugar Feeds Cancer!

After being a voice in the dark for several decades about cancer cells being glucose supported, we finally hear it from the big boys. CNN’s health expert, Dr. Sanjy Gupta nails it with his recent CBS 60 Minutes interview with a number of top researchers who all blame sugar for...

Diabetes Statistics Look Bleak

According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, diabetes cases are predicted to double by 2050. Currently one in 10 adults in the United States has diabetes. Overweight Americans is the cause that is fueling the stark predictions which includes high risk minorities such as Hispanics and African Americans. Diabetes...