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Robin Williams – Depression

We were shocked and saddened when we heard about the recent death of Robin Williams. Who can forget his iconic movies - Good Morning Vietnam or Mrs. Doubtfire amongst many other favorites? Apparently, this brilliant comedian, who publically admitted that he suffered from depression, took his own life. How ironic that...

Post Partum Depression – Studying Women’s Brains

We are beginning to understand a lot more about post-partum depression or the “baby blues” as it is sometimes called. Post partum depression results from a rapid drop in estrogen, progesterone and cortisol soon after giving birth. In the U.K. as a prophylactic measure, progesterone is given universally to new...

Time Magazine on Post Partum Depression

Did you know that the biggest cause of Post Partum Depression is a dramatic drop in progesterone levels following the birthing process? Sadly there is nary a mention of hormones in the latest issue of Time Magazine covering post partum psychosis or PPD entitled The Melancholy of Motherhood....