Raw Water – What Do You Think? - Caroline Sutherland
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Raw Water – What Do You Think?

Raw Water – What Do You Think?

How do you feel about the water you are drinking? Do you use bottled water, tap water, distilled water or sparkling water? But the latest trend which originated in Silicon Valley is drinking untreated, unfiltered so-called raw water. Water extracted from high, mountainous lakes and streams.

It seems that people are eschewing tap and bottled water in favor of an icy cold glass of untreated spring water — so-called “raw” or “unprocessed” water — which proponents say has beneficial minerals that are removed from treated or filtered water, and doesn’t include chemicals in tap water, such as fluoride, or move through infrastructure such as lead or plastic pipes.

People are paying plenty for the luxury of drinking water that may not contain fluoride but could still have chemicals from pesticides and dangerous bacteria – not to mention animal excrement!

The raw water trend is part of a growing movement that embraces everything natural and unprocessed as healthy, while motivating entrepreneurs to find ways to profit from it.

True believers in the benefits of raw water probably won’t be convinced. But drinking untreated spring water is not a good idea.

I grew up in a medical family – my father and grandfather were both medical doctors. As children, we were continually educated on the subject of germs, sterile procedures, hand washing, and drinking potable water. Diseases from water-borne bacteria and raw milk consumption would get my father up in the night – called to gastric emergencies at farms and households.

Use your common sense. Have your drinking water tested. Well water and city water also carry risks. Drinking treated water, bottled water, or purified water is simply – just a good idea!