June 2010 - Caroline Sutherland
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June 2010

God in the Form of Kevin Costner Saves the Gulf

If you thought heartthrob actor Kevin Costner was just a pretty face, read on. For weeks, we’ve had BP oil gushing into the Gulf of Mexico with no help in sight. Save for dismal attempts at keeping oil off the shore with a series of ineffectual boom emplacements, little is...

BPA is not an Oil Company

If you thought that BP was the latest environmental disaster, take a look at BPA – Bisphenol A. Used in manufacturing poly carbonate plastics and epoxy resins, BPA is found in plastic goggles, baby bottles, composites and sealers used in dentistry and in the plastic tubing attached to IV bags....

Pollen Misery

If you’re like millions of allergy-sufferers, this is not a good time of year for you. Bad enough that the temperature is rising and the mold count is high, the trees are in full bloom and you can’t see the leaves for the tears in your eyes. You are not...