September 2009 - Caroline Sutherland
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September 2009

Fat Kids – Big Problem

It’s no surprise that obesity rates among US children are soaring. With complications resulting from junk food, super sizing and the Big Mac, alarming numbers of kids are showing up with heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and Type 2 diabetes. ...

Dr. Andrew Weil Sets the Tone for Health Care Reform

Larry King interviewed Dr Andrew Weil recently for his perspective on the hotly debated health care reform issue. According to Dr. Weil, it doesn’t matter what the option, public, private and any options in-between. The problem with health care is that there is no incentive to be healthy or to...

Louise Hay – Success at 83

Who says that success is the domain of the youth? Who says that to be successful you have to be wrinkle free, college educated and focused on making money – not me and apparently not best selling author Louise Hay who at age 83 has her own brand of success....