Caroline Sutherland | 2009 June
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June 2009

Toll House Cookies Making People Sick

Seems large food giant Nestle is having a few problems. A large number of people have developed e-coli as a result of eating raw toll house cookie dough. I could have told you so. Any substance containing eggs needs to be carefully prepared and kept refrigerated at all times. As...

Still Vital at Eighty-Four

Angela Lansbury just won a Tony Award for her performance in Blythe Spirit. She’s 84. Look around you. How many eighty-four-year-olds do you know who are winning awards let alone getting out of bed in the morning? ...

Cost of Hormones Rises

Wyeth has announced that the price of their hormones will be going up. There has been a significant drop in deman for their HRT products since the the Women’s Health Initiative Study (using Premarin and Provera) was halted in 2002 because of increased risks for cancer, heart disease and...