Weekly Teleconferences, Caroline Sutherland

Caroline Sutherland, Medical Intuitive

Teleconferences take place every Monday night
at 5:30 pm PT/7:30pm CT/8:30pm ET

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These informative free teleconferences feature interviews with cutting edge experts in the complementary medical field, an opportunity to speak directly with Caroline and to ask questions. You can listen to the teleconferences by telephone or on the internet.

Listener comments:

“Foolproof, rock solid advice delivered in a bold, confident organized way. A lot of information was jam-packed into the hour. Very worthwhile.”

“Caroline is a super pro when it comes to conducting web seminars - a real keeper!! Thank you.”

“I am so thankful my friend Patty for telling me about Caroline. Talk about having "aha" moment! Very informative.”

“Caroline blew me away. She was wonderful. Precise, take control kind of gal. Great info.”

“Caroline is a well-seasoned professional. Genuinely interested in helping people, she is authoritative with her delivery. I am a holistic healer & I find her delightful and inspiring.”

“Caroline is brilliant. I love learning anything about food, nutrition, health remedies, and hormone balancing from her. I am a big fan and she improved my health with her assessment 10 years ago. I love Caroline!”