Medical Intuitive Reading & Virtual Gastric Band Combo

Medical Intuitive Reading & Virtual Gastric Band Combo
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Medical Intuitive Reading & Virtual Gastric Band combo

If you would like to lose weight as well as get healthy, consider the Medical Intuitive Reading and The Virtual Gastric Band combination program. Caroline offers a one-on-one, hour-long telephone consultation, complete with an outline of your environmental and food sensitivities, a personalized health program, 2 complementary items, plus 2 follow-up phone calls to monitor your progress. Your reading with Caroline includes these two important items and the Virtual Gastric Band hypnosis for weight loss program outlined below:

Caroline's best-selling book: The Body Knows How to Tune in to Your Body and Improve Your Health - E-Book
Medical Intuition Seminar - 2-CD set: Listen to this pertinent information to prepare for your consultation with Caroline - Downloadable Mp3.

PLUS your one-on-one consultation also includes the four-week Virtual Gastric Band Program AND complementary participation in one of Caroline's seasonal 7 day detox programs.
Cost $650.

Caroline is delighted to extend an extraordinary invitation to participate in her exciting Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis Teleconference Program. The VGB is non-surgical technique in which utilizes the power of hypnosis and relaxation therapy to convince the brain that your stomach is full after a certain level of intake. This powerful procedure changes the way you think about food, and provides very safe, impressive results.

For over two years, as a VGB practitioner, Caroline has successfully guided over 400 people thorough the process. Originally pioneered in England, this remarkable weight loss program has a 95% success rate in two medically-supervised, double blind studies. Caroline is only one of four certified instructors designated to teach this process in North America. With your reading, you are entitled to one of the VGB teleconference programs already scheduled throughout the calendar year. Simply let us know which upcoming VGB event you would like to join. The cost for the VGB program is $499 but when combined with a reading, it is only an additional $175. The actual cost of both programs is $974. Many people choose this combined option.

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