Weight Loss Intensive

Weight Loss Intensive
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Sick and Tired of the Weight Loss Game! Tried Every Diet Out There Without Success!

Now find the answers you've been looking for with Caroline Sutherland's three-hour Weight Loss Intensive! Join Caroline via teleconferrence on Satuday January 14 from 9am to 12 noon Pacific Time where she'll discuss the components of successful weight loss. Caroline is a master health coach and teacher with over 30 years of experience in the weight loss field! During this intensive you will discover:
- Find out why you have cravings and how to stop them.
- Find out the key reason behind your fatigue and low energy.
- Find out the key reason behind your fatigue and low energy.
- Find out how to test for thyroid function.
- Find out how pesky carbs add to your waist line.
- Find out which foods cause fluid retention.
- Find out how to get your eating habits under control and take yourself to a whole new level of wellness.

The first half of the intensive will be devoted to weight-loss education and the second half devoted to you! Caroline will answer your health questions and and personal concerns about your weight loss journey. Get the insight - join the intensive!

Cost: $49.95 before January 1, $69.95 after January 1

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