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OMG – New Diet Pill!

Apparently the FDA is concerned about a new diet drug that’s about to hit the market – without adequate testing! The new drug Qnexa is a combination if two existing drugs: phentermine, which is a psycho-stimulant (remember phen-phen!) and the epilepsy and migraine drug topiramate or Topomax. With 60...

Michelle Obama Tackles Childhood Obesity

First lady Michelle Obama tackles a subject that will have serious future implications unless something is done. Michelle is a competent mother of two and from all accounts there is no obesity in that family. She works out every day, has planted an organic garden and sees that her children...

Fat Kids – Big Problem

It’s no surprise that obesity rates among US children are soaring. With complications resulting from junk food, super sizing and the Big Mac, alarming numbers of kids are showing up with heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and Type 2 diabetes. ...