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Dr. Oz Takes on Libido

If you’re female and over 40 chances are libido could be an issue. Declining hormones account for 40 percent of women complaining about vaginal dryness (sandpaper sex)vaginal yeast infections and a general lack of spice in the bedroom. Today Dr. Oz focused on three low-cost strategies. For vaginal dryness, a...

50 Years on The Pill

Today is Mother’s day. Fifty years ago today marks the anniversary of that provocative announcement that introduced “the pill” to the world. That announcement gave women a new “take” on sex, fertility, career and their world. The pill meant reassurance and control. Today, a world without “the pill” is unimaginable....

More Women Are Ditching the Pill

As more women become conscious about eating organic and going pesticide, hormone and chemical free, they are having second thoughts about using the Pill. A recent study by Texas A & M University showed that more women are making the choice to scrap the pill which suppresses ovulation and are...