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Dealing with Death

The death of a person affects us all. Life is transient so give it all you’ve got! There are two kinds of death. One is the slow cell-by-cell demise that is inextricably linked to the passage of time. ...

Toll House Cookies Making People Sick

Seems large food giant Nestle is having a few problems. A large number of people have developed e-coli as a result of eating raw toll house cookie dough. I could have told you so. Any substance containing eggs needs to be carefully prepared and kept refrigerated at all times. As...

Allergies at The White House

White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs lately, you’ll notice that he appears to be suffering from seasonal allergies. What to do. First STOP consuming cow dairy products. Build up your immune system. Take the stress off the body, meditate, eat right and take appropriate supplements. ...