October 2013 - Caroline Sutherland
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October 2013

Barbara Walters Has Thinning Hair

Eighty-three year old Barbara Walters announced recently that she is retiring from TV journalism in 2014. Walters is closing a chapter on one of the most storied careers in broadcast journalism history. She created ABC’s The View – a rich source for a number of my blog topics! Rumors of...

Brilliant Scientist, Candace Pert Dies

I was shocked to learn that a woman who is two years younger than me, is dead at the age of 67. Her book Molecules of Emotion: The Science Behind Mind-Body Medicine,  is my all-time favorite book. It describes a gutsy, renegade scientist who wouldn’t accept the status quo in...

Tom Hanks Has Diabetes

It is little wonder that my fav Tom Hanks has recently been diagnosed with Type II Adult Onset Diabetes. Tom Hanks is invincible, forever young, and immune from body breakdown – right! Hanks has yo-yo dieted for a number of his Hollywood roles and while he acknowledges that this may...