October 2011 - Caroline Sutherland
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October 2011

Wheat is not the Staff of Life

You have heard the expression that wheat is “the staff of life” and a must-have in everyone’s diet. I thought so too until it was discovered at age 39 that I was highly wheat intolerant. At the time I made homemade wheat bread for my family and being the daughter...

Steve Jobs Leaves a Legacy

I was moved by the recent death of Steve Jobs founder of Apple Computers. I have watched many of his speeches where he would unveil the latest i-inventions. He was a genius who helped usher in the era of the personal computer and led a cultural transformation in mobile communications...

Near Death Experiences Discussed on Dr. OZ

Near death experiences are no longer a taboo topic of discussion. Popular TV host and surgeon Dr. Mehmet Oz discussed NDE’s on a recent program. The professionals and subjects interviewed confirmed what we already know – there is life after death. Imagine going into cardiac arrest, actually dying,...