July 2011 - Caroline Sutherland
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July 2011

Lucky to be Driving?

So you thought driving was no big deal? Well, did you know that women in Saudi Arabia are prohibited from driving? Men are allowed to drive but not women. Something that we take for granted, a simple drive in our own car, has sparked controversy of late. Women driving remains...

Do You Eat Eggs?

If you’re an egg-eater I bet you thought that brown eggs were healthier than white? Well guess what – the only difference is the price! Consider nutrition science, flip-flopping over the humble egg: villainized as an artery-clogging cholesterol bomb in the 1980s, now a centerpiece of the healthy breakfast (or...

Betty Ford Dies at Age 93

We have all heard of Betty Ford and acknowledge her recent passing. Not only was she the wife of the late President Gerald Ford, but she overcame alcohol and prescription drug addictions and helped found a rehabilitation clinic that bears her name. She will be missed but her legacy lives...