February 2011 - Caroline Sutherland
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February 2011

Oral Sex Can Lead to Cancer

These days oral sex is pretty common – especially with the young. According to statistics, young people aged 15 – 22 do not consider oral sex as sex. Remember, Bill Clinton’s famous phrase, “I did not have sex with that woman.” Bill Clinton was not a teenager when he...

Wondering When to Retire?

Are you 65? Are you thinking about retirement? Every hour 316 people in the United States turn 65 – that’s 7,584 people per day. What are all these people planning to do? According to Diane Fuller Doherty, who has just turned 67, she has no plans to retire or grow...

Celebrity Rehab Misses Some Pieces

The master clinician of the TV show “Celebrity Rehab” Dr. Drew Pinksy M.D., is something of a legend. He’s a no-mince-words, pack-no-punches, in-your-face counselor whose methods are a unique mix of compassion and straight-talk. His program gets results and lots of ratings. Each year, thousands of lives are wreaked...