March 2010 - Caroline Sutherland
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March 2010

Renegade Chef Tackles School Food Programs

Finally a voice of reason in a sea of poor food choices. Renegade British chef Jamie Oliver has the gumption to tackle America’s school food program. Oliver whose voice sounds like the adorable Geiko frog, does not mince words when he sheds light on the “slop” that is served on...

Milk Alternatives Discussed on the Today Show

Yesterday the popular Today Show featured a segment on alternative milks. Good for them. As a health educator with 27 years of experience dealing with people with food allergies, many people are allergic or intolerant to milk. This can manifest in watery eyes, weight gain or digestive and respiratory problems....

So You Want to Live to 100?

in 1950 there were 14.5 octogenarians and in 2050, it is predicted that there will be 394.7 million age 80 or over. This is not good news for the health care system or communities and families with over-strained budgets. Do you want to live to 100? ...