Caroline Sutherland | 2010 February
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February 2010

Trainer Killed by Whale at SeaWorld

Trainer Killed by Whale at SeaWorld A tragedy took place in the water today. Trainer Dawn Brancheau a woman with extensive experience working with Killer Whales was grabbed off a platform at SeaWorld Florida, pulled into the water, thrashed around in the whale’s jaws and drowned – all of this in...

Michelle Obama Tackles Childhood Obesity

First lady Michelle Obama tackles a subject that will have serious future implications unless something is done. Michelle is a competent mother of two and from all accounts there is no obesity in that family. She works out every day, has planted an organic garden and sees that her children...

Looking to Do Something in Haiti?

When I was looking through Time Magazine lately I came across something that made a lot of sense. If you’re like me you were pretty shocked by the devastation in Haiti. Right away I sent a donation through my church. But who is to know how that money will be...